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What is Live Online Tutoring?

Instead of physically visiting the student's home, tutors use a good Internet connection, virtual blackboard, webcam and a microphone to teach. The teacher-student interaction is two-way.

Are these recorded videos of tutors?

No, these are not recorded videos. The tutor and student join Spanedea's virtual class at the same time. It is similar to a tutor and student having a tutoring session, sitting across each other.

How do I choose my Tutor?

Please tell us what you wish to learn, what kind of tutor you want and what times are convenient for you. As per your preferences, Spanedea shortlists tutors and arranges trial classes - till you say 'yes'. Registration fee of INR 400 applies - 100% refundable in case you do not find the right tutor!

Your preferences matter. Selecting your tutor made easy.

1. Express your preferences

Use the Tutoring Preferences Form to quickly tell us what you wish to learn, what kind of tutor you want and what time slots work best for you

3. Start tutoring sessions

Start attending tutoring sessions with your best-fit tutor. Mutually decide on the most convenient schedule. Your Spanedea Dashboard lets you to manage all aspects of your tutoring experience.

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