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Kunal Singh

Physics Teacher - Best Result IIT JEE 2013 - Score in Physics 60/60
Suresh Avvari

Experienced Chemistry Trainer. Best Result AIR 42
Ram C.

IIT-B Current Student with 143/160 on JEE Maths. Experienced Tutor.
SN Sir

Produced AIR 1 - AIEEE (JEE Mains). Chemistry Expert. Hundreds of students now a...

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Online preparation and training online does not get any easier than this; nor more effective. Depending on student preferences, classes can be held in private tutoring or one-on-one mode, or in small group tuition. Small batch sizes enable interactivity of discussions; students can ask questions and get doubts cleared. Spanedea thus offers very effective online coaching, preparation and training for GRE, GMAT, SAT, IIT JEE, and CAT.

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