Spanedea Questions
I am feeling difficulties in physics so help me. I am not able to solve problems
Sir , i want study plan for 4 may to 23 may for jee advanced how i prepare in these last 20 day& sir can u give what i do in these days papers theory&
I am doing in a private university and I want to study in NIT .I am in 1st semester.How should I prepare for jee mains ?
Heartly thank u vert much for such precious guidance wants to talk to you if possible through Spanedea
Thanks Mam,Your tips were great but I want to ask you a question as i am pursuing b. tch 1 sem. and this will be my second attempt to jee mains. Though i study regularly but still some times it seems as if i will be able to clear the exam or not.I had already enrolled myself in a test series to get a better environment of examination but the questions which came to me are quietly tricky. though i figure out how to solve the question but at the last steps, i just leave them. Any tips from your side will be appreciated& ..Thank you,
hi mam.i needed to have some suggestions from you about iit jee . i am currently in 12th class and my syllabus is certainly over but the problem with me is that i am very easily demotivated at most of the steps of this process. also i am not able to have a control over my sleep and i have regular school and then coaching which drains me. i need your guidance. :(
Am in 11 std n taking FIITJEE. Working hard but not getting the marks in my monthly tests. Am sometimes depressed n loose hopes& .WHAT TO DO?????
now i am in 11 std, i want to score more marks in jee advanced ,which book is best for this ? i have started already for entrance but also i want to iiteans,what has to be done??
i am repeater from resonance kota and my prepration is not up to mark now i am verry worried about iit.iit is very very much important for me but i wasted my time with friends.i am also appearing for board improvement my cummulative is 32% can you please help me& ..i am very much tensed
how many hours i should study a day maximum and minimum to clear iit jee with decent all india rank
my friend wants to now that if we are not selected in jee main that we tried once more then also not selected the what can we do for engeneering. should we have to do diploma for 3 years
Hello Neepa Ma am.. I m in 12th Hsc and preparing for the boards.. i m not at all interested in engineering fields.. What i really wanted to ask is that should i give this Jee-Main? Just a shot? As i told you im not interested in engineering and therefore i ve prepared thoroughly only for the boards.. So according to you will i be able to even score? As also I m a slow learner :P
Hello mam,I am a student of standard 11th. This year did not prove quite productive for me as most of the topics of class eleventh remain uncovered till date. I would request you to please help me plan my studies so that i can efficiently crack iitjee. I would also like to mention thati face difficulties in clearing my concepts in physics so please provide me with some tips and recommend some concept clearing books so that i can recover from this problem. Also i would be seriously obliged if you tell me how can i increase my concentration and focus in my studies rather than wasting time.
hi, i am akash & ..i am preparing for jee from last 1 year.. i am in 12th now& ..before one month ago my confidance was very good, bt now i think it is fallen down& . i am getting tensed about my boards exam& i am just nervous about my time management as boards are just days from me& .please help& i am confused as one has lowered my confidance by saying& &  you were good student, bt now u r average& 
You helped me a lot, increased my motivation and now I am all pumped up for iit jee thank u..mam& thank u very much& & & &
Hi mam, i got 188 marks in jee mains but i didnt know the rank. later my father took my admission to chattered accountant field.Im worried about this professional course is this better than iit or shall i quit.this and take long term for jee.
now i get confused so as my brain ram is full& .. ya i know how to solve a question or how i can apply stratergies& as soon as some one asks a question, the scary feeling arises in me now& ..please help me mam&
hi mam,i am from karad ,i lost my 5 year i want to make an aerospace engineer from iit colleges,but now i completed my 11th science,i want to crack iit-jee with AIR-1,so what can i do,Please guide me.
Hello Neepa Ma am,I have read your posts and the previous comments and your suggestions and now I think I have found the right person to help me out and give me constructive guidance. I am a student of class 12 and will be appearing for JEE this year. The problem I am facing these days is that I not able to complete my syllabus- neither for board(CBSE) nor for IIT JEE. I am myself not tensed but people around me coax me to finish the course ASAP. I feel that doing things hurriedly will not solve the purpose for long term and I want to proceed very slowly. But there is lot to learn and do and revise my class 11th topics but time is less. S pls tell me how to manage my time most effectively because I tend to be deviate myself in between my studies and even when I try to stud with utmost concentration I cannot. Also I find it difficult to get up early in the morning. In short I want to change my prep in certain ways but find it difficult to do so.Another point ..I don t get 300+ marks in my all India coaching test test series out of 360 yet I perform relatively better than others in my batch still I feel that I am not doing what I ought to do. My parents keep comparing me with others & i know they keep telling me all these things to encourage me but rather I feel discouraged.Thank you.
Thank you so much ma am for your help ad guidance. Also pls tell me some ways/tips to retain whatever I have learnt for longer time. Thanks once again. :)
Hello Ma am.Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I am happy to tell you that I have secured 226 marks in JEE MAIN 2014.I m giving all india test series in my coaching but I have been facing a serious problem these days/weeks.I commit few SILLY mistakes in my paper& ..every time I tell myself that this time I would do the paper with perfection and be assured that whatever I have done is 90% correct.But I end up committing unforgivable mistakes and feel dejected. for instance I make the structure of a compound correctly but count the number of bonds incorrectly in integer type problems& .I miss words like  only ,  either due to which I unnecessarily loose marks in multiple answer type questions , mistake of plus and minus sign etc etc.Trust me& .If I overcome this problem with your guidance it would definitely improve my score by 35-40 marks and it would matter a lot in improving my rank..pls help me ma am& suggest some way.Also if you could tell me minimum approx. marks required to score in both papers(180+180=360) so that I can get a rank below thousand (say 950-1000 in least favourable case)?Thanks a lot.
Hi, mam this is manish. I want a good rank in iit jee and i am starting preparation now. so, tell me how to study in these 3 months and prepare for CBSE board examination. Please help me
i am studying class 12th now.In my college,there is no iit coaching.should i drop a year?
Hello ma am ,i am in 11th. I am really serious abt getting in iit . I stay in p.g. and utilize max time for my studies. I have that my graph goes zig zag in my monthly test at my coachin class. I want to really improve my accuracy and get in air-100& else i wont get c.s. at iit b which is my ultimate goal. plz suggst hw do i further increases my concentration and accuracy..thanks
If I am getting NISER IIT AND NIT then what should be the order of Preference?
Hello! I appreciate your work and guidance.I also need some tips regarding my Jee prepration. Currently I am lacking far behind than other of the competitors.I have to complete whole of chemistry syllabus.In physics I have to do Thermodynamics,Optics and Modern. In Maths ,I have to do Integral and Algebra. Please Guide meThanking You
ma am please tell me how should i start my studies i am right now in 10 th .I mean in 2 months I will be going to 11 th .I need guidance please guide me how should I start my preparations.I would be ever grateful to u.
mam i am from 12 class and my chemistry physical and inorganic portion is weak the main problem is i have a very short memory so i forget these things easily.i also generally make silly mistakes in mock test and my mind get distracted while giving the exam . how can i improve in these areas and get a good rank in jee main and advanced
Maam i will be appearing for JEE 2014 till now i haven t started my preparation i just wanted to ask a simple question is NCERT theory enough for JEE Advanced as i m through with my NCERT books.Can one solve books like HC Verma,Arihant maths with ncert theory.
Hello Maam, I am a student in Class XI and I ll be giving the JEE Mains in 2015, I want to get into IIT but i feel my efforts in the last 8 months were not up to the mark, is it possible for me to get into IIT if I start working hard from now?my performance in this year s mock tests have been well above average but I still feel something lacking& ..Please help& .
Hello. I am in 11th now and going to coaching classes, I am happy with my chemistry and with some motivation i have started to excel in physics but i dread maths as geometry part i am not able to understand easily as compared to algebraic part. I lost hope in myself some 3 months ago but then i thought and my friends motivated me, soon i got good results in my school exams but i am even not satisfied with that. Sometimes i even self motivate myself which helps me. So i need opinion regarding maths, how do i approach it, what should i do for it. P.S i love chemistry
Thank you mam i will buy it soon and my 3rd unit test have finished and im pretty happy that i hav done my PCM really well. But you said that i hav to practice harder and harder but even if i sit with my maths book i get bored, is this because i dont have interest in maths as compared to physics and chemistry, i really get bored easily but im trying to overcome can you give me suggestions on how do i do it.Thanks :D
Maam,I am in class 11 and i am going to appear for my annual exams.I am an iit aspirant and i am surprised that though i have done quite a lot of objectives on each topic ,i cant remember the theory of part well.Also i am confused what to do in 12th class and how to revise class 11th while preparing for boards.My family is giving full support for preparation but they will not do the same for the second attempt.I am ready to study to my maximum capability.Should i make a plan for revision schedule?maam please explain how to make good and realistic plans.should i make it on a long or short term basis?
Ma am, I am currently in class 10 CBSE. My ambition is to crack IITJEE 2016. What according to you would be best tips for me so i can prepare well and would be able to crack IIT both mains and advance. To be precise i am asking the no. of hours i should study and what extra effort i need to put in so i succeed.Thank you Vineet :)
Hello maam,i m in class 11 and studying in fiitjee.The problem is that ,I dont get a good rank in it inspite of studying hardand now i m geting demoralize.What to do now ?Thank you Rishav
Mam to be much more frank i haven t read anything till now i don t have concept of any subject of 11th i.e physics,chemistry or maths. Plz suggest me the right way to get succeed in iit& ..I ll be thankful to u& .:-)
mam i m doing my in a private engineering college in tamilnadu i  ve taken my jee main2013 last year and my score is not good i m working hard to enter NIT trichy this year but i did nt know the minimummark required to enter nit trichy for a core branch and also i m a obc candidate and i m in a confusion that i can crack jee main due to this pressure i ve put my night hours for preparation and sacrificed my sleep for many weeks but still there is some doubt about my quality bvecause i was discouraged by many peoples that it is not easy to crack jee main for average students so please direct me where is my place after may this year?
Hi maam & I want to prepare for iit main plz help me how to select Topic and how thoroghly I should I go in a Topic I have quite less time
Hi mam,I am in class 11th. I am having my confidence running low for last 1 mnth. I have started my iit preparation from August, but i am feeling that i havent studied since months. i am nt able to make time table for myself i am ok with chemistry and phy bt my maths marks are low.pls help me by suggesting time table.
i want to know how to crack iit and list of courses in iit and i know litle bit about iit but i want to go deeper why this collage is much better then other
Mam,I am currently in class 10 and i want to crack iit jee.I am confused whether to join a coaching institute(fiitjee,vmc etc ) or not.Is there actually any benefit of joining these institutes or has it become the latest trend.Your guidance will be much valued.Thanks Nafeesa
I am unable to make a schedule for IIT-JEE& plzz help me in time managements?
Ma am I am currently studying in class X and just about to move in class XI. For me IIT is everything and therefore I started my preparation in class X with VMC, Pitampura. There my result is above average but I still find in myself lack of concept clarity. Please help me regarding this and please let me know that how much hours should I study keeping is mind the school as well as coaching classes twice a week. And I also have to do lot of traveling of nearly 4 1/2 hours for coaching as I am residing in Gurgaon and I just get tired very much and unable to give much time on that day& . Please help me& & ..
I just finished my 10th board exams ..that s yestrday..I wanna start my preparations for jee right from the next month.Could you please suggest me a few books i could start with. And any other tip would be helpful too regarding preparation& .
Mam Physics, chemistry or maths in which subject we can score maximum marks and which subject will be easy and time saving& ..????
Hello maam!My 11th class exams are over n i gt 15 days 2 revise the 11th course! So i will be learning those last 7 topics wich i havent done properly! Maam i go to resonance! The problem with me is dat i havent done any extra book other dan HC Verma besides the sheets provided by my coaching centre! Hence my practise is nt dat strong! So in the next year(12th) shuld i do d chapter of 11th from d list of books u hv given in ur earlier! Also i always dont follow my time table! If i hve to do 7 things in a day i end up doing only 3 or 4! Wat shuld i do? Please suggest sme tips!Thank you!
hello mam.I have recently finished with my 10th exams and am aspiring for IIT-JEE.but i have had a few problems for quite some time such as when i am to attend the written papers i score good but in the objectives the result is just not up to the mark and as expected. While i m solving the objective paper i feel as if i m doing well but i fail to understand my mistake when i see the result .I grab a rank in the written papers but in the objectives I fall in the 30s or more.would u help me by telling whats wrong ? Is it my time distribution/consumption or anything else ? please help.
mam, i had joined a coaching institute. so the objective exams are basically conducted by them and the questions in these exams are of a higher level ( though the topics are of the tenth class and it includes all subjects like maths, sst, science). what i actually wanted to ask is how to prepare for such exams and what things should one keep in mind while attempting the paper, what should be the bench-mark in order to get good results and what style of preparation and how much practise is required ?
but mam so far i have noticed that my concepts are strong i.e. i knw the roots of what is happening nd why it is happening but while attempting questions i have to give more than 1 attempt nd i consume a lot of time ( for new questions) .I even tend to get slower when i m in a room full of competitors& if i am left alone i tend to solve the questions much more quickly nd with far greater understanding. though i know that this situation cannot be helped but be faced but wud u plz help me in overcoming my this sudden consciousness when i am surrounded by a group of equally able ppl .
Maam I am currently studying in class X and just about to move in class XI in next month. For me IIT is everything.I want to know is dummy school + coaching (allen) is better or regular school + coaching is better. Coaching is from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm and regular school is from 6am to 3.00 pm. If I join regular school + coaching then i will not get sufficent time for self study. I am in sick state. Please advice
Hello madam,i am student of class 12th and my subjects are pcmb.this year i am going to give both jee and pmt.i am very confused and still not clear in which field i should go also because of that i haven t taken any coaching and just focussed on ncert books and board exam.can you please help me what should i do you think this preperation is enough for clearing exam?also can you please give me last minute tips
Apart from the tips for cracking JEE advanced 2014 exam can you please let me know from where I can get the good books for preparing for the exam. I have referred to few online stores like snapdeal, examentrace.
Hello Ma am;i have finished my plus two this year(2014).I havent done anything for jee mains and advanced.But now i want to achieve this and it is not possible for me to master all the portions for mains as i have just 12 days in my hand.Therefore I have decided to give jee mains and advanced next year.Is this a right decision?I have confidence that I can do it next year.But am i losing the whole year s prospects?i m aiming for a comp. science or in iit
Hello mam & .. I finished my 11th and now i am going to start my 12th. i am studying in narayana . I am a good student but from last two months I started to get demotivated becoz i m nt getting good marks in last few tests & & . can u plz tell me how should i revise 11th syllabus along with prepare for board exam and jee& & & .plz guide me& & .
hello mam..!! i had just recently take admission into fiitjee to pursue iit but along with that i also want to concentrate on my 12 class board exams & .and also i have to revise 11 syallabus& so how this all will be possible for me& .???
hi mam,i given exam of 10th class and now i want to admission in best coaching for iit.please help.
Hello,I need some help.Actually this year after board exam I didn t study for entrance exams as I wasted my time in sports.Now I m stuck in a question that should I take a drop for a year?I cop up concepts very quickly and I m good in speed if I know the method.Now if I drop a year and study in an institute for example vidya mandir,kota etc etc.How many chanes are that I ll get more then 150 points. In jee mains
hii maam,i m a student of std -10 and i am an IIT aspirant& cud u please guide me how should i prepare frm now itself to crack IIT???
Hello Mam,I just gave my 10th boards and have taken admission in a coaching institute(Fiitjee). I wanted to know how should I plan to study to get the best result top 100 in jee advanced and boards. I mean study time , what should I focus on and how? I am a bit confused here.
Hello maam i am going to class 12 now and i have completed only half of the 11th portions and i qm appearing for mains 2015 can u pls suggest me a Timetqble???
sir i have scored very low in my jee mains exam.(100,obc).it was my first afford and iwas very exited about it.I think it was the cause for my such unsuccessful try. but now i am now preapeared through these conditions and wish to crack the iitadv. exam.But iam also dissappoited, dear,sir please give me right advise pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
i am a student of class xii. My coaching of 12 has just started. I am not confident in some topics of class x1 which i feel would require more and more practice. But my friends who are well acquainted with class x1 have started 12. i am not able to decide wether i should start practicing topics of class 12 or complete 11. This factor affects my focus and confidence. I do not have a burning desire to excel and i am very tensed about my future. I require help.
Respected Madam,I did not do well in my JEE main(wont qualify) 2014 exam.I would be getting around 82-85% in CBSE board exam.I would be joining an engineering college in my locality as my parents feel that it is safer and they also say that the jee pattern might change next year.Is it possible for me to crack iit next year even if I join a college?Or is it better to stay at home and repeat?I am ready to work hard and I try to understand things conceptually.I wont be giving the board exam next year so I should score more in jee mains.Will the jee pattern change next year?Please help me out mam.Thanks in advance.
hello,i m in 11th and i want to crack iit but i dont know how to start it preparing for it.And it is important that the concept of 9th and 10th should be clear
i m class 12 student.. although my jee main score is good to get any NIT college still i m lacking in IIT tests and i am willing to join IIT mumbai.. should i join NIT college and appear again for IIT advance the next year or should i take a drop of 1 year& ??
I m in class 12. i had joined FIITJEE in 11 for jee preparation,but i wasn t very sincere towards my studies and i wasted my one yr. now i hardly know any topic of 11 class.Now i have a burning desire to excel. But I m not able to know what to study ..11th ,12th or prepare for boards.I m nt able to manage my time.i m getting depressed day by day and worried about my future? pls help.!
hello mam, I am in class 12th & studying in a local school but I am highly struggling in many topics where class 11th concept is required because in 11th class I was in another city for jee coaching but in the first quarter itself I suffered with severe jaundice and then many more health problems which ruined my whole year then I came back & passed 11th with medical certificate but now even my family hates me because I wasted their money. I dont know what to do, I am just lost. Is their a way??
Hello mam,my score in jee mains is very bad just 126 marks, can you please list me good govt. colleges that can i get.(gen category) My cbse board 87.2%( i am dropper).From now some days left for jee advanced. Can you suggest me time table that i should follow to clear advanced. My desire of clearing exam is now neutral. Preparation is not going well as i can t concentrate my studies becoz of result in jeemains.
Sir i have scored 107 marks in mains and i want to prepare for jee next year i live in a small town so there is no coaching available here so is getting video lecture from instittues at home a good option and if yes which comapny or instittute should i prefer
Hi mam..I am studying in class 11th& my 11th studies have just now started..After seeing vast portion of Jee mains I am in a fix whether to continue studies or join another faculty& most importantly I have lost NTSE exam just by 2 my confidance is losing..please suggest me proper guidance
hello, i m in class 9 what should i do to prepare for iit jee from right now and which books should i study pls help me also how many hours should i study , but there is a problem with me i cannot study continously even for 1 hour pls give me some advics egarding this.
Hello mam,i gave my class X board exams in march and got 10 CGPA. I Want to crack the IIT JEE exams. but i m really confused whether i should join any regular coaching classes to prepare for the exam or correspondence courses offered by the coaching institutes are sufficient to secure a good rank in iit??? i am really hard working and can assure you that i can study for 8-10 hours per day.please guide me through this confusion& & ..
Hello there..I wanted to check few things:My son is in 9th SSC board right now. When should I send him for IIT coaching classes? Being in SSC board is a disadvantage? Possible for kids to prepare on their own without joining coaching classes? Would they need separate tuition classes for board exams? Studying school syllabus thoroughly is not enough?Thanks
Hi!!! I m Prasad, I m in 11th grade now. I ve started my studies now. I m having problem in solving numericals of physics and chemistry. First I read the chapter and try to solve the numericals. I understand the concepts but I m not able to apply the correct formula in a right place. When try to solve a numericals I just turn blank.Plase help me!!!
I m in 11th grade and joined a coaching class .where marks are not good and negaitive thouhgts are troubling me what to do .plz help
sir i want to rank 1 in class 11 in iom international olympiad of mathematics ,which book should i purchase
Good aftrernoon mam,i am a student of class x11th and want to know whether there will be mains and advance in 2015 also??? Or just one exam for jee??? if there is mains and advance plzzz tell me which book to refer for physics,maths and chemistry.??? aand if there is only one exam for jee then which books to refer??? Plzzz can you tell me which topics i must study first for physics,maths and chemistry.i would be very thankful if get these answers so please hlp me mam.
Dear Neepa, 1. My daughter has come to Std 12th in CBSE 2. Recently she has decided to take up JEE as she wants to pursue a career in astro/space 3. She scored a 10 CGPA in 10th, and has been a school topper since childhood 4. She continues to top in exams at school but she has not undergone any specific coaching or tuitions. 5. I am told that to crack JEE with good rank one must take up some coaching or buy different study material to study as it is different from CBSE syllabus for 12th class exam Now we are in middle of June, 2014 and have limited time at hand. Her school timings are 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs and I don t want to tax her to travel 10 Km and join coaching classes after school hours daily. Can you suggest a best method for me to support her and your fees for the same. Thank you.
hello mam,im a class 11 th student, i was in chennai till 10th and i scored 10 cgpa in 10th , now as my dad got transferred to jabalpur(m.p), im studying here. i have joined the best coaching institute momentum here. but im not able to perform up to the mark. like im getting very less grades in the coaching tests. i who was once a brilliant student is now just getting a B grade in physics and chemistry and c+in maths. what should i do?
I want to top CBSE +2 but I m below average student& & & can I?if I can ,give me some tips & & plz & .
Respected Neepa Ma am,I have scored 10 CGPA (without any upgradations). NOw, Im in class 11. I have finished almost the first term syllabus in coaching. I m not able to get many problems in the very first attempt. I badly wanna get into IIT. Also, I fell bored after 30 minutes of study. I first get motivated and plan to study for 4-5 hours. but i end up studying for 2.5 hrs, which is not very efficient. I would like to know how people study for 10-15 hours daily. even i wanna study like that but im not able to.. please find a solution to my problems. thanking you,sumanth
same problem with meeee& & .
Maam, I have failed in chemistry in my first unit test of class 12.will it hamper my JEE
I have just passed 10th with 83.80% with 91 in science 89 in maths but went down due to languages i am planning for iit please suggest me how should i start for iit ???
ost of the other topics). And im lagging behind in physics. I am not able to concentrate and i forget concepts very soon.So mam can you please tell me how to study and how to improve my concentration & and can u also tell me how i can study the topics in which im lagging behind & I think if i correct my weakness soon i can do well in the remaining time & thank you & :)
Hello Maam !Your Advice Was Really Motivating and HelpfulI m in class 9 and I m very serious about IIT and I spend most of the time revising the study material given from Vidyamandir Classes and I read various books related to IIT . Am i going at right path ? I always worry about the results.Maam Please Guide Me . :)
Hello!!I am studying in Dubai..I am writing SAT 2 in order to get into the NIT S..But recently I wrote a diagnostic test for IIT and got a decent score..If I start preparing from you think I have a chance to clear the exams..?And could you please advise me on how to go about it? Thanks
hello, i am in 12 th grade nw & i am taking iit jee coaching. i face lot of difficulties in concentrating, chemistry & maths& i donno what i shud do nw. and my marks in jee tests are very low& plz guide me..i am really serious about jee but whatever methods i tried just failed..plz
I have dropped this year for iit,My board %age is 82.2 % this year.Tell me how to prepareI have problem solving numericalsShould i fill improvement this year?
hello i am a dropper this year and i want to score good marks in iitjee. this year i have taken help from a professional coaching but last year i studied ncert and board notes. therefore how should i study this year as somebody said that ncert and coaching modules are important for preperation for iitjee. also how should i study this year, should i do 11 syllabus first and then 12 syllabus or both simultaneously. please also guide me how to remain motivated throughout the year.thanks
and also tell me how to be in regular touch with u maam becoz after watching all this i felt like i found a correct counselor for me becoz no one in my family is an iitan or none is of that stream so they dont really understand the problems i face during these two years. i need a person to share all my problems so i hope and wish u to be a guidliner to me during these two years ..
Hi mam. I m currently studying in resonance kota. I am a repeater for jee advanced. Last year I missed the cutoff by 20 marks and could mot qualify for advanced. This time I came with high hopes for me. But my problem is that I take more sleep than anyone else and I am not consistence in studies. I do very much time pass . my teachers tell me that I have potential to get into top 100 but due to this reasons I alwais fails. so pls tell me what should I do to avoid doing such time pass and become consistence in my studies?
sir i am in class 12 . Is it important for me to join test series. Are tests important to analyse me?
hello mam,I am in 11th standard now and almost 3 phases has been completed in my coaching institute. I am not very good in all the topics covered till now. My problem is that i cant concentrate the things taught in the class. And even when i read the theory .. its like all the things are going above my head. Even if i read it again & again, the same happens. I take notes but i dont get the mood to read them cause of the above reason. Can u please tell me how i should study in this situation ? There are lots of formulae to be remembered& but i am not able to.. that s the main problem during mam & can u please tell me how i should study & how to remember so many formulas and how to understand things and keep it in the mind & and how to get the mood to study hard & Thank you mam & :)
Hello,I have just passed my class 10th from my ICSE school with a good result. Now I am in class 11th & I had recently joined coaching for IIT-JEE with the target of cracking JEE exams in the year 2016. But I have no time for my self- study as I need to go to school as well as coaching for all 6 days (Monday  Friday). My school time takes the schedule of 7 am to 3 pm. And for coaching it is 4 pm to 9 pm& .. (Both including the time to reach and come back from the institution).Please guide me how to manage my schedule for 12th board as well as IIT because I surely want to crack JEE-2016 and I am very determined to my goal. My present schedule has no time for any recreational activities like watching TV s or surfing internet or wasting time on electronic gadgets or wasting my time outside my house and I don t want any of these things to be included in my schedule. I only want to study.Also I want to mention to you that I am in ICSE board which is much advanced then CBSE. I face many difficulties in coping up with my 11th ICSE as well as CBSE-based IIT-JEE.My e-mail ID is  - Plz guide me as soon as possible. Thank You In Advance :) & & .
Hello Mam,First of All I felt very good on you considering my problem. Now Let me answer you all your Questions.The school in which I go is Mount Carmel Convent School, Bhopal. I am studying in this school since childhood and it was a CBSE based school that time. But it changed to ICSE school when I came in class 6th. Though I am good at studies but still I was not knowing that time that ISC board would create problems in class 11th. Now I have to clear JEE and for that I thought of joining Mitesh Rathi Classes. This coaching was very good but they pressurize more on students and we need to go all 6 days for our classes. This made my schedule much busy and I faced many troubles and so I later joined Bansal Super Group coaching. Now I go in this coaching and I have to go there for 3 to 4 days (means TTS batch + Extra class on Sundays sometimes) only.So for school it takes time from 6am to 3pm from Monday till Saturday. But now for my Bansal coaching, the time it takes now is 4pm to 9pm only for those 3 to 4 working days. The schedule is slightly less busy than before. Now could you please guide me how could I manage my studies with time further because I could cope up with both ISC board & JEE iff I have time to do so. I will be heartily waiting for your replies.
Mam I am Santosh and a very interested aspirant for iitjee. I want to attain a two digit rank in jeeadvanced 2016. Presently I am in class xi.. I know that this target is achievable also..But mam I have some amount of fear that in some cases ieet some questions that I am unable to do in PHY. And i a thorough with that topic in HC???? So.. mam please suggest me some books which if I read thoroughly can achieve my target& Because I have seen HÇ Verma some concepts are not given in that book& please help mam& & & .. I am in Bangalore
hi maam, i am swetha completed my 10TH in icse .i am aiming iitjee . my college timings are7am to8pm.i get so tired by the time i reach my home how to manage time and pls tell me how to keep a proper time schedule so that i can crack iit and get a seat in IITBOMBAY.pls suggest me an effective proper time table maam pls pls helpp me.
Hi Mam My name is ashutoshashutosh. I am doing IIT coaching with 11the standard but I have lots of problems I think that I get very bad % in 11 and I am dropping IIT coaching in 12.Will you please help me in taking decision of dropping IIT and is it good to be a dropper??????Here it is my no. 91**********
Dear Mam,I am plaaning to take on IIT need some guidance from you. As coaching class are suggesting for integrated college for studying. Is that would be helpful, as there timing is from 7 am to 2 pm.