Spanedea Questions
Hi mam.I am deekshit bn if class 12 & and I am very weak in all subjects& and I want to complete everything by December & and I want cs seat in IIT& and ik ur the right person to help me& so can u please reply asap&
Hello Ma am! I am a student currently studying in XIth std. I wasted almost 5 and half months of the initial college days. Like I have my basics only a bit good in Chemistry and Maths. I struggle in Physics. I want to crack JEE Advance 2016 with a rank of below 2500. I am desperate for IIT. Few days before my Maths sir gave me sheets consisting of previous JEE maths questions of which I solved almost 3/4th of it on my own. Only then I realized my potential. Can you suggest me an appropriate timetable which I can follow everyday? Well my schedule is that I attend classes from 7 : 30 am to 2 pm. I reach home by 2 : 45 pm. And the rest of the day is completely free for me. Please ma am help me. Your little help can make me achieve my goal. Your help would be truly appreciated! Thank you ma am!
Hi Mam,I had missed NTSE 2014, Can I attempt for NTSE 2015.
I study in class X so for iit preparation I should join bansal college after X or after Xll & & & .?
Hello mam& I am currently studying in 11th std in integrated program & currently 4th phase is going on after which 11th portion is over & . i ve got seriousness now and i m not crystal clear with the concepts of previous chapters & now i want to revise and understand thoroughly & can u give me a study plan to follow keeping in account studyin the previous chapters, ongoing chapters and the school exams & . so that i ll get thorough with all d concepts for ease in 12th & .thank u mam in advance & . :) :)
Hello maam i am currently studying in class 11 my main problem is despite of hard work i am not getting good marks in monthly test of jee coaching . I do too many negative question due to which i score less and after coming back home i solve all those problems correctly .my speed is very slow but i have worked on that.i have pcm 360 marks test tomorrow can you help me out with some exam suggestion as what attempt first, if not getting any question at the exam time how attempt that question and give that ans correctly. I just wanna go in iit but due to the test results i may get demotivated.
hi neepa mam,i m in class x.iwnt to crack iit under air 100.i wll start my prep aftr i hv got ur ans.the problem im facing is that i dont know anything abt how to start my iit prep and go about it. pls give me a detaild study chart of wht 2 do in the 1st month in all the 3 subjects.Also i want a detailed explanation of the recommended books.(their strengths and drawbacks and how 2 go abt approaching them ).As far as sl loney trigo is concerned shd i do the whole book(every bit of it)or shd i leave a few portions(pls mention which portions to leave) also at wht time of my iit prep shd i do that book and how many days will it take to master that book(studying 14 hrs a day,only sl loney)i will e highly grateful 2 u if u ans my questions.
Hi mam. I am currently studying in class 11 and preparing for iit. Mam i hv wasted a llot of time in enjoying . bt my concepts in physics and chemistry are almost clear but maths is somewhat weak. I hv not solved sheets and dpp properly and i am feeling depressed . mam what should i do? Should i drop one year and do 11 once again or step in 12th class? Plz suggest me mam . i need ur help . plz help how to arrange my studying schedule. Plz help me mam.
ma am i am preparing for iit and i am in class 10 (advanced batch) i am studying regularly but a number of times the feeling of not clearing iit grabs me due to which i get depressed so plz tell me how to manage it.also how to study for my 10th finals and iit coaching
Hello maam my concepts are not good how should i improve it? I will give jee in 2016 and how to analyse any question to the fullest
hello mam,I am studying class 11 cbse and not good in chemistry need some good suggestion for concept building especially in chemistry and also in physics,another of my problem is that I cannot manage time well and also get easily distracted and lose my paitence.I am not aiming for IIT but want to get in a good college and to score above 95 percent in class 12 boards .please help
Hello man,I m studying in class 10th and after 10th I m planning to go to Kota (Bansal College) for IIT preparation. So I just want to know that I should go or not. Is it possible to crack an IIT by an  average student . Thankyou Mam in adavnce !!!
Hello Mam,First of all i would like you to thanks for your valuable answer.Mam actually I m topper in my school in class 10th and I m not confident that I will crack it. So mam what should i do Please help me mam& & .Thanking you Mam !
Hello Mam,I am Akash and i am in class 12th.After 3 months i am going to appear for jee main 2015. My prblm is that my physics part is not good,even basic part is not clear as i had given much more time to the Maths because it is favourite subject.Also,my chemistry part is not so good but it is on an average.Mam i am unable to solve any prblm of physics even the easier one. Also i had appeared for many tests and AITS but in every test i got low marks in physics..Mam,its my first and last chance to qualify for jee as my financial condition is not so good to appear for another chance.Plz Mam help and suggest me how should i make physics better,Also Board exam is on head..Only two months are left.. Feeling very frustrated.Hoping for ur best reply& . Feelig very frustrated.Hoping for ur best reply& .
Hi mam I am in class 12 I have completed my studies for her mains but revision is remaining. I given many class test but my score was zig zag means not constantly good. I am not confident of good result Jee. What studies should I do from now so that I can get good marks in board and Jee or I repeat one year to get admission in out pawai. Please guide me..
hi mam,I am an above average student. And I am thinking of Start studying for jee advanced from Feb is it possible for me to crack it with an air under 1000.I want to start from basics.hope you will reply ASAP.
Hi mam,i am in class 12, I am preparing for Jee mains and advance since 2 years, but was not that serious. Also i joined coaching classes. I am studying seriously since October 2014. But now i come to know i am very week in chemistry, average in maths and very good in physics. I have strong feeling that if i get 2-3 months more i can crack jee advance. But as time is less it seems difficult. Now i am thinking to take drop and appear for 2016 exam. is it good idea? also can u suggest any way how to study chemistry(organic) in short time
hello mam ,i am going to give jee in 2016 i want to ask whether you can you suggest a full day study coaching starts on 4.30 pm and goes till 9.00 pm i am home till 9.30 pm and after that whole day i am free.i am able to study for 6 to 8 hrs a day but do a lot of time waste in between and also i am very bad in chemistry i am good in maths and ok in physics.pls suggest a study plan for me and also tell me how to attempt a hard question in physicsi will follow it strictly.thanks you
hi, I am an above average student studying in 11 std & .and just taken it very lightly.And I have whole around 6-8 months & I will be giving my jee mains and advanced in 2016.So please tell Me that is it possible for me to crack jee advanced with a good air & .and get admission into a decent IIT.I am just having 12-14 months left.I will be studying 8-10 hours average only for jee . So give me   1.Guidance  how should I start my preparation for advanced ? 2.Tips 3.Tricks. 4.Important books  please tell me only the most usefull one. 5.How to get motivated while studying daily for hours. 6.Should I join a Coaching or to do self study in my city there are too many coaching but no one usefull & ..So I am thinking of doing self study. 7.How should I balance my Boards (HSC) Exam preparations as well as jee mains and advanced. Hope You will answer ASAP. Note -I will be studying for 11th (bcoz not studied seriously and to understand concepts) and also for 12th And for jee mains and advanced.
and one more thing& .i dont feel like going to class..i cant make up my mind fr dat..dnt know why??so plz help me& wat should i do??thanx.. has been an year for me , preparing for JEE. I have just completed 11.. In beginning of my 11th session , I started my preparations , with an aim of getting a rank within top 10 in JEE.. I have been performing quite fairly in 11th.. but now if I look back to my dream , it looks faded ! ( since I havent been preparing upto my expectations.. so that I could be in top 10 .. I had just wanted to know is it possible ,to achieve that target ( considering just an year left).. I had like to get some tips.. for getting a top rank..thankyou
hello mam,i have been reading your answers to other students . i find u the right person to help me . mam i m currently persuing electronics and comm. engineering in a top NIT .but mam i m not happy with my current position . i want to get admitted in IIT.. i m studying for it .. i m fearing if i will be able to crack it or not . mam i want to ask if i secure very good marks in jee mains but gets not so good score in jee advance .. [which i dont want to happen ] then can i take admission in a better NIT . plz help me & & & .thanks in advance
hii I am presently in class 11th. can i start preparing for iit jee next year and get a good rank??? will it be possible for me to prepare for jee in 1 year???
Hello I will be in class 10 by this april (2015) i wanted to know what should i start focussing on to clear IIt-Jee and what should be my routine For the same
Mam, I was going through different mails and their replies. First and basic thing I want to know what is a concept and how to clear that concept. What is meant by its application. How to prepare notes .Thanks
Hello ma'am I'm aayush.I don't even know of jee in my class 10the.but now I'm in +1 in fiitjee south Delhi. I was good in my school but here everyone seems prepared for jee. I m finding my level very low here.I don't even know the correct books to choose.I have sk goyal for mathematics,dc pandey for physics and op tandon for am please suggest Me some books and suggest me a time table .for how many hour's should I study? Ma'am please help me I m really very confused.thanks .
Hello, I am a student of 11th grade.I am planing to crack jee. But the problem is i cant give much time time to studies.I cant concentrate more than 1-2 hrs.. Whenever I make my mind for studying, I get distracted within 1 hr. I cant study for long hours.Please help.Thanking you.
I saw your response to problems of the other iit aspirants and i decided to share my problem with you!I am also an IIT aspirant and want to join IIT Bombay and will appear for exam in 2016. As in physics i have a gr8 interest but lack in some concepts to solve high level ques. As i just wanted to know how i can i build my concepts strong so to solve any type of ques. And can crack the exam with single digit rank. As i also lacking in some time management and some conc., it would very much helpfull if you could can give me suggestion abt this topic too. Hope for the reply soon. Thanks
did you take some coaching, i wanna crack it without coaching
it is not possible to crack jee mains and advance without coaching because iit is considered as worlds toughest exam and you have to take coaching i am also taking coaching for 6 hours apart my school life. in IIT questions are in very deep manner and school faculties dont teach us topic in deep.!!!!
sir i m a student of +2 class nd also weak in maths i know the concept but at the moment i have to solve the que i just forget them all.either i do that que in bit lengthy way or i m unable to solve it plz suggest me something so that i could improve my performance in maths.
From when did you started studying for JEE ? Maths is my strongest subject and i have a lot of interest in math I recently gave my 10th std SSC exam Will you give me some tips about how to crack JEE advance How do i prepare ?
I am going to attend the JEE in 2016. So may i know the list of books i would need and plz do recommend all the books that i would need to be fully prepared and any tips on study plan would be very useful.
please help me by suggesting the books which has a lots of questions for my practise. I will be giving IIT JEE in 2016. I have started my preperations but am not getting much questions to solve.
I have read that toppers notes for IITJEE preparation are quite helpful so should i buy them? or which more books should i buy for best ranking in JEE 2016 i m in 11th std now i have just started my preparation.
Hi Sir,I wanted to ask you that how many hours of study is needed to crack JEE.
whether s l arora physics is good for iit preperation?
whether sl arora physics is good for cbse and iit preperation?
What is the good book for problem in iit jee physics
I want the best level books for the preparation of JEE and JEE advance
Is H.C Verma is better than D.C pandey
Best way to top IIT JEE Physics please give tips
Please advice me which book is good for understanding Chapter Alternating Current for JEE advanced and capacitance also and practicing questions on chapters also.
is comprehensive physics of laxmi pub. enough for IIT and JEE main?
Are foreign author books really recommendable? Coz they haven t prepared anyone for JEE, isn t the language sophisticated?Anyways, I am using RC Mukerjee for Physical Chem. , and DC Pandey and HCV for Physics and SK Goyal for Maths..Is it exhaustive enough to get me through? Or you also recommend some others?
which is the best objective for chemistry.? op aggarwal or p bahadur or any other&
is rd sharma better or a das gupta objective better? for iit preparations & & & i dont go to anyy coaching classes so i need one good book for mathematics
R D Sharma or A Das Gupta which is better for IIT JEE preparations
Do you think the importance of IITs is still relevant today when IITs have increased ? Moreover should one prepare from class IX onwards or XI onwards?Pls comment.
Sir I am very workcoholic student but in 9th class now, how should I target IIT JEE 2017
i am in clss 11th& sggst mee some good books of maths and physics..for jee prepration.. Em using TMH for maths and HCV for physics..plss sggst some more good books
Is there any book written by Prafulla in Mathematics??? Will it help in cracking IIT?
sir i wanna study for iit.. physics however does not work out for me that well.. please suggest some books so that i can prepare for physics.. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday and Rensick is better or its iit edition?? i m presently studying in class 11th.. thank you!!
sggst me the two best book for physics..other than halliday and irodov coz my teachers says..solving irodov nd all is really not usefull..coz they contain high level problems than IIT
H.C. Verma is the best book in the world but d.c. Pandey is also best book for jee (main & advance)
thnx a lot..for ur million dollar sggstns& plss..sgsst few very good boooks for physical and organic chemistry&
Hello im in class 11th i want to start my jee preparations& & i have TMH for maths , physics and chem, HC Verma for those books are enough to score & & & & ..
Sir, should i use GN berman or thomas n finney for basics n concept building in calculus? Will it help me for jee adv? Or sgst me anothr book!
i am bit strong on physics and chemistry but my maths is poor i have took drop for jee preparation.. can you suggest me some book for maths with easy concept and good quetion.. i tried solving TMH (i understood the concepts but the question ran over through my head) please help& .. i have heard name of such books:OBJECTIVE MATHEMATHICS BY RD SHARMA,ML KHANNA& .
Is Tata mcgraw hill phsics good???? as i had already bought it what are extra topics i have to cover????????
which book should i follow for jee advanced maths
I am in Xth and will be giving board exams next year March. I have completed the mathematics syllabus for iit jee (except calculus) and I have completed many chapters of chemistry and physics. However I need one (and only one ) good book for organic chemistry. Please suggest.
I Am Preparing For Jee 2015 And Im In 11th Pls Suggest Me Good Books For Physics Chemistry And Maths Books I Own Till Now:NCERT ALL SUBJECTS phy:,IRODOV,HCVERMA,CHEM,JD LEE,P BAHADUR MAT,RD SHARMA(CBSE),A DAS GUPTA,SL LONEY.And Please Also Give Me A Stratergy To Solve Books On Each Subject (Like Which Book To Start First,How Many Books Etc& ..)Tanx In Advance!!
The Main Problem I Have Is Maths Since I Cannot Solve Maths Very Efficiently And I Need To Master Its Basics.
Sir, presently I am in Grade Xth and i a have competed my NCERT course and i am keen in cracking IIT,so can you please help me with books I should start with..Like which books would be best..Thanxx in advance..
I am student of class 11 preparing for JEE kindly suggest me some good books for maths(for concepts only).. i have lots of material to practice but i need the theory. Is KC Sinha better or something else?? pls reply
i am in 11th standard , i have sl arora,hc verma and coaching module in physics,chemistry-comprehensive,universal self scorer ,coaching module,maths-rd sharma ,sk goyal for algebra and co-ordinate geometry and amit m agrawal for trigonometry ,coaching module.does i require any other book . plz tell me
Sir i want to enquire that, Is IIT maths by ML khanna & objective maths by ML khanna a same book???If no than which to be followed& ..similarly IIT chemisty & objective chem. by OP agrawal are same???
hey actually i m in 12th standerd i didnt join classes for iit jee preparation i have joined normal coaching classes IS this possible to prepare for iit jee and advanced and bord from now. I am ready to take any efforts m ready to study for 12 hours a day. is this possible to prepare for iit advanced without coaching classes plz tell me and plz man dont lie to encourage me tell me the truth plz plz plzzzz
you say DC Pandey is a good book. But there are so many books by DC Pandey. Which one should i buy? I already have the 34 year IITJEE ques. book by him. But it has limited ques. for practice.. i would like to practice more. So which DC Pandey book should i take.pls guide..
well from what i know. he has a different books for mechanics, thermodynamics, optics. no book with all chapters. this would practically drain me of my money!! i dont want soooo many books. maybe 1 or 2.Also wat is wrong with buying objective ques. book. that wud giv more practice.. right???thanx..
sir, plz suggest me a good book for inorganic chemistry theory and problems. should i go with op tandon??i only have few study materials for practise ri8 now.
sir,i understand all the concepts in class, practice some problems, (although i think i should practice more) etc, but i make a lot of mistakes. especially in tests, for chemistry, i find it hard to mug up reactions and end up making silly mistakes. what can i do to prevent such a scenario in the future?
sir,which book is better for mathematics in IIT preparation?
what about chemistry P Bahadur or OP Agarwal or any other for iit jee
Sir plzz help me out & I m preparing for iit jee 2015 .. I have joined fiitjee & But later i found difficulties in my studies with fiitjee & . So i joined 3 parallel tutions & I guess this saved me& . Though i m getting good scores in fiitjee tests & But i like the 3 tutions more& .i m in big trouble now & The things a mashed up now & Sir plzz help me
Hello Sir,I am in class 9th now and want to go into Non-Medical stream for engineering and give the IIT JEE Exam after XII.Currently, I have a little knowledge about this and I am waiting eagerly to start preparation.Well, Currently in my school, (This time was my first Board Exam in September) I can easily score from 83 to 86 %. But looking at news everywhere, I am getting very scary becuase there s written that even the students who are getting 97-98 in XII and 96-972 s in JEE MAIN are getting a rank of about 13 to 15000 !!! What should I do now ??? I know that I will have to do very hard work for this. Looking at this news, I have extended my cut-off ranking to 1000 only. I want to come under 1000.I trying very hard for achievements.Can some one give some advice to me what should I focus on for now and what preparation can I do for that exam because seeing the syllabus : , I can see that there s some of the easy stuff out there which I am studying now.Well, Currently, I am almost ready for my 9th final exams (SA2-2014 [CBSE]) in Maths and Science. I am focusing for the Social Science, English and Hindi through concentration in school. Well, I am also worried about the Upcoming CBSE-PSA on JAN/18th/2014.Can someone please suggest me some books about these preparations and need advice also ???Any help would be appreciated.
Hello sir, I am currently studying in 11th class and.started my iit jee preparation this year I use the books who h you named above I even practise regularly but I can t score well in my fiitjee phase tests& I have thought over it and still can t rectify the problem I have can you help me out
sir ,i have passed my 12th exams this year..i scored 92 in maths,95 in chemistry and 80 in physics..i appeared for jee this year after doing only 1 year foundation course from varanasi s best institution which produces city topper every year but i failed to crack even jee mains..this year i hav not joined any coaching institute..for physics i am considering hcv and resnick halliday, maths-tmh+ncert, chemistry-ncert+morrison boyd..please guide me..
In physics i have completed whole mechanics + electrostatics + geometrical optics + current electricity. In chemistry-coordination compound + d &f block + grp15 + general organic chemistry.I have also completed some physical chem topics like thermochemistry,states of matter, electrochemistry &chem kinetics but i m not satisfied. With maths i m having lots of troubles. I have only covered progression, limits and diffrentiation. My plan is to complete whole course till jan end. In chem i have a plan to complete organic & inorganic till dec then to focus on physical chem whole jan. Is my plan appropriate to crack jee. Pls guide me wich topics r imp in maths..i m bad at conic& ther any book to cut down or on to which i must follow more.?? pls help me..
Hey sir, i m preparing for jee mains and i m bit confused between amit m aggarwal and mc graw hill jee main
Sir i am bad in basics ,,which book i refer to crack jee mains
Does organic chemistry by himanshu pandey include solution to each and very question within the book? Is is a good book for organic?
sir i have dropped my college in oct. as i was nt satisfiied wit it. now i have very Little time for jee preparation plz guide me on for physics , chemistry and specially in mathematics.
perhaps the best book for iit jee preparation for physics and maths is of ceengage series
sir,i am a student of class 11 have a dream of crack iit. i dont want to go any coaching institute. currently an i reading ncert all, comprehensive physics, chemistry,rc mukherjee chem numerical& arhiants objective physics by dc pandey. are those sufficient ?
which book is better for iit & . op tandon or Rc mukherjee& .. please tell me& .sir
Sir,I m a State Board student(11th). Do I have any scope to compete with CBSE students as JEE is open for all? NCERT books are very important and i ll buy it but Sir, as you have mentioned above a number of books do I have to refer each one of them or only one? Its my wish that you will satisfy my queries.Thank You.
Sir,I am a State Board Student(11th).Sir,I want to ask you that will I ll be able to compete with other board like CBSE?,because entrance for jee is open for all and people say that CBSE students are more practical and conceptual than SSC students.I know NCERT books are very important and I ll buy them but as you ve mentioned above a number of books,Will I have to refer one book or these many of them?Sir, I wish that you will satisfy my queries.
I go for iit jee coaching class so i wanna ask you either than hcverma, is any material required for iitjee.physics.
sir, is ml khanna objectve sufficient for jee advance prep ??how much will it help for advnce prep?
Sir pls. help i have wasted my two years but now i m serious I have planned to study concepts from NCERT and practise problems from books like HC Verma,OP Tandon,TMH Maths will this help.
Thank you very much for your post. I live out side india and your post really helped me to find good books for my son. I purchased HC Verma for physics (volumes 1 and 2) and A Das Gupta for mathes. I am confused which book to buy for chemistry as I am seeing different names with same author. Also to buy online most of the Bhadur books are out of stock on flipkart website. Can you send me some links for chemistry covering both concept and problems.Thanks Malik
Dear Sir/Madam,My son is planning to write IIT JEE (2nd Time), and he is not going to any spl coaching classes. Kindly advise us which authors book can study for getting good mark. He got 96.5 cutoff in Tamil Nadu +2 Exam.PN : At the time (2013) of applying JEE-Main I had selected the wrong category because of that he unable to go IIT Advanced after scoring eligible mark.
sir i want to clarify my doubts in physics can you please help me out
Is universal self scorer good for jee mains? If not then what to use my focus is only mains jee not advnc
which book i must solve for preparation of jee mains in the last months as a revision&
I have given the 10th board exams and have 2 months break about to end. sir i have completed whole mechanics in physics, and many chapters in chemistry and mathematics but many teachers tell me not to study extra things in lower classes and thatswhy i am very confused please give me some right suggestion wheather i should continue up or leave it to study in std 11 and should i use dc pandey or ie irodovo after hc verma in physics
where can i download free books that u hav mentioned