Spanedea Questions
I have just entered class 12 and am starting jee preparations.I find calculus difficult. Is G Tewani good for calculus.pls suggest some other books
I am a PCMB student of cbse board and want to crack both NEET and JEE mains.I am finding calculus difficult. Which book would help me right from the most basic to most advanced stuff? pls suggest
Hello sir,I m Nivethaa from Chennai. Now I m in 12th class. Also I m a student of FIITJEE.I m soooo& & & scared about IIT JEE exam. I try my level best to get good marks in FIITJEE s phase, midphase tests.But I m failing to get.But now, my school also pressurizing to get very good marks in 12th board exam. How to get good results in FIITJEE exam? pls suggest me some ideas.I hope u ll help me.
In my school they say that for physics, board exam will be tough.They asked us to solve 15 previous year question papers. But, if I start my preparation for board in Feb then it creates a lot of problems. What should i do ?& ..
Dear Sir,My son will join 11th this year. His marks are in the range of 70 to 85% in various exams( PCM) till now. ( slacker, but can be pushed).So he is above average, but not the cream. He is finding time management difficult.How do I know if he is capable of studying in I IT?I am NOT asking if he is capable to crack JEE. With an integrated coaching he may crack it.My worry is if he is capable (has the caliber)to study in I I T?Do you have any data on success rate within I I T w r to academic grade in 11th and 12th?thanks Henan
hellow i had just ciaer the 10 boards and start prepare for IIT JEE.I am confused. should i study with NCERT or my marharastra boards which i will take for 11 and 12.are NCERT books better than maharastra board books. ihave also buy NCERT books.Should i study them or study my maharastra board books .PLEASE HELP ME
i am just started preparation for RMO and other OLYMPIADS.I AM REFERING challenges and thrill of pre cllege mathematics and arihant RMO i need to solve other books for maths for iit jee other than rao iit coaching books ? are OLYMPIAD books helpfull for IIT JEE? or shold i refer other books?and I also have HALLIDAY RESNICK WALLER and HC VERMA.CAN I GO FOR halliday resnick waller insted of hc verma? i starts organic with paula yurkanis bruics and SHIVER AND ATTKINS for inorganic.are they good for jee?
What books will be included in the fiitjee package for iitjee preparation??
can i go for HALLIDAY RESNICK WALLER instead of H.C.VERMA.PUALA URAKIN BRUICE is good for iit jee organic book?can i rerly on RAO IIT ACADEMY material for jee?I want flying result in OLYMPIAD.Are olympiad books are helpful for jee?
I m presently studding in class 11& . i want to prepare for IIT-JEE 16 & and I m a good student who can understand the concepts very fast& my only prob. is I m not Hard Working& . My doubts are: -> are tuition beneficial -> Can u plz suggest me with two best books for eack subject for IIT JEE& .as i don t want to go for more than 2 books for each sub. -> RD SHARMA or TATA McGraw Hill ->Do i have to go for SL LONEY or ML KHANNA -> I E IRODOV or DC PANDEY or Resnick Halliday (other than HC VERMA) -> I have a book where selected parts of JD LEE, Solomer are merged& other than this can u suggest one more book ->why is NCERT preferred in Chem & its a very basic level
Hello& ..I have just entered in class 11 and i am preparing for jee.I am confused about the book that i should buy for physics.Is it Hc Verma or any other.Plz. suggest.Thnx.
Sir,.there are any online digital library that provides Deep & special knowledge of all topics of jee main and advance syllabus
sir i passed my 12th in 2014 itself im from ANDHRAPRADESH BOARD got 84.3% in my ap board. i got verry less in jee main 2014 . thinking to write jeemain again next year in 2015 plz help me which books to prefer & i dnt go to coaching and tutions i need the best book which has concepts and poroblems.
Is universal self scorer is enough for jee& if i complete it fully
Hello. I ll be attempting IIT second time ,next year. I ve scored well in MAINS and 95.6% in 12th CBSE, but my strategy for advanced was wrong and was further hampered by indulging in too many books based on suggestions from all kinds of people. Please suggest a perfect book to hone my skills in Organic, Inorganic chem and Calculus part in Maths.(mainly problem solving). Please also suggest the strategy i should follow in next 1 year to optimise my performance in Advanced . I ll be joining vibrant classes in Kota.
I m preparing please suggest some books for physics, chemistry and biology
i want a best theory book of physics for iit jee .please name good theory book for iit jee
I completed my diploma in Electronics and communication engineering.and i want to compete in 2015 IIT-JEE examinations which books i should read and one more thing i am 10th passed and doing my 12th from NIOS Which bobks i should read including some reference books and question bank etc,also please give me some suggestions how to prepare for this :D
Hello Sir! I want to know if NCERT s theory is sufficient for JEE (Main)?
SIr please tell me books for IIT preparation I am in 11th standard and using the following books: 1.H.C Verma 2.D.C Pandey 3 S.PJauhar 4.R.D Sharma 11th and 12th. Are those sufficient?
I m in 11th std right now and I want to crack jee with a double digit rank . I have completed algebra chapters from ncert but still I am unable to solve most of the questions from a das gupta objective so this has demotivated me I also have hall and knight and sk goyal for algebra so after ncert I should move on to which book ?For physics I have ncert hcverma I.e. irodov resnick halliday ,dc pandey ,university physics do I need to complete all these books for jee advanced and what should be the order in which I should finish these books?
Sir please tell me a book for graphs of physics as position time and velocity time graphs
Sir,I am repeating class 12 as well as iit bcoz i got 75% in 12 board in2014 .now iam taking coaching so plz suggest me best book for theory as well as practising question separately for each subject for iit main and advance
Sir,I am repeating class 12 as well as iit as i got only 75%in 12 board 2014 now dis is my last chance to crack iit so please suggest me best books for iit jee preparation both for theory as well as practicing questions also suggest a good book for clearing concepts in mathematics
Sir,Please tell me shld i use cenage book or arihant for studying algebra
Is there any other choice except arihant and cenage for algebra
Hello sir can you tell me which Distance Learning Program is better as i want to understand theory and problems
Sir I need your suggestions since I m from state board I have a habit of solving only text book but for Jee my teachers r saying to solve first basic problems then slowly increase your level. This is quit difficult for me but I m trying to transit my self according to the situation. But that s stressing me up. I m a stress free learner and i enjoy studying but trying these pattern of increasing the problem level and referring different book is not helping. Can you give me some suggestions that how i follow these so that i can enjoy learnin as well as i stay stress free. An idea may also do.
Hello sir!!I m in 11th now and I m taking coachings for IIT jee .my tutor has reccomended me to refer physics comprehensive ; chemistry comprehensive and maths r d sharma. Do u think I ll be able to crack jee advance by studying these books??If not then what should I do??I can t even argue with my sir about the books he has reccomended us.tell me what to do now. I m very much determined to crack IIT jee&
Hello Sir which is the best study material among various materials I have heard about Fiitjee and plancess please tell me the best one
Sir,I am a student of FIITJEE Kanpur.My performance in the internal phase tests has not been good.I am solving OP Tandon for Chem., DC Pandey for Physics & SK Goyal for Maths. and the study material by FIITJEE.Are these books enough ??.Please Comment..
sir,i am studing in 11th standard. i would like to know whether ml khanna for mathematics is enough to crack jee and conceptual physical chemistery by prabhat kumar and adarsh kumar.
10 Sir,I am currently in class 8 and want to crack iit.In class 8,I have given escape velocity test of fiitjee in which I got a national rank of 81.I have attempted NSEJS this year.I have covered and mastered all the topics of physics,chemistry and maths till class 10.I have covered 4-5 chapters of class 11 physics,3-4 chapters of class 11 and 12 chemistry and 2-3 chapters of maths from class 11.In fiitjee,Igot 100%fee waiver but I have decided to not join fiitjee.I will be starting progression,limits,and trigonometry of class 11 and 12 with next week.Not from NCERT but I have covered class 10 topics of PCM from about 5-6 company books and mastered it.I have HC Verma Volume 1 and I am thinking when I will cover 7-8 topics from physics I will start to do HC Verma and I will also buy Resnick Halliday Walker and I.E.Irodov Till the end of the December I will have coverd 7-8 topics from physics,5-6 topics from chemistry and 4-5 chapters from math class 11 and 12 from 1-2 company books including NCERT.I am very good at maths I have masteres arithmetic for NSEJS and in every topic of maths that I study of JEE level I practice about 80-120 questions from 1 books excluding NCERT.I am thinking to take fiitjee correspondance in class 9.I know many books for iit preparation of PCM.Your advice will absolutelyhelp me .TEll me some strategies to do it.
Sir is anurag mishra mechanics part 1a good book? Whether it is neccessary to buy resnik halliday and walker .
is gc agarwal better or hc verma
is KL Chugh a good book?
IS SN De a good book for 12?
I am very much confused between books for chemistry thinking about op tandon ,morrison boyd,solomans fryhle, op aggarwal , himanshu chauhan. Please give best books for each branch of chemistry.
Is there any book like i.e. irodov or adg(subj) for chemistry.I want good problem book but relevant to jee not beyond or less.And is there alternatives to above books.
Sir,currently I am in 11 standard. This year I have not focused for jee preparation.can I be able to crack jee with 1 year sincere preparation? Sir can u suggest some good books?
sir please give me specific books to get master in physics , chemistry and maths at iit level
Sir, I am in class 11th. I have universal for maths and physics along with NCERT textbooks. Please give me suggestions about which books to buy for chemistry. Also, are the books I mentioned above, sufficient to crack JEE Mains?
I have universal self scorer and ncert textbooks for all the three subjects. Is it sufficient to crack jee mains, should I buy any other books too ??
sir i am a student of class 11 and i am in a extreme need of a chemistry book which contains theoretical illustrations as well as numerical kindly suggest me a book for iit advance thank you
hello sir,I am Isha, a student of class 10 and am going to move to class11 in april. initially I wasn t very clear about taking up engineering, but now I am and aim to clear the IIT-JEE exam with a very good rank. i would be greatly obliged if you could advise me as to how should i start studying for clearing the exam, what should be my timetable, my strategy, etc. and how to balance class11-12 studies with iit preparation. also, I have joined vidyamandir classes, but my performance over there is not very impressive, even though i am a school topper. what should i do so that i can top both in my school and coaching classes? please do reply at the earliest; thanking you& PS-I read all ur posts, and found them to be amazing& i hope i will get the same quality of reply& :)
Sir, I am a NTSE state topper and I missed NSEP by 2.1% in class 10. I will go to 11th this year. I have already finished HCV and 11th RD Sharma and Many other books of 11th and 12th with basics. So, keeping my level in mind are these books sufficient to get top 50 or top10 rank in Advance,Resnick halliday Krane,Irodov,Krotov,SL Loney Both books,Hall and Knight,IA Maron,JD Lee,Solomons Atkins.I will also use my Coaching Material and Arihant Popular books like DCP .Also with a thorough study of these books can I go to the IPhO.I have been to HBCSE for two OcSCs in2014. Sir, I will study with full dedication Also advice if I can cover my course in time.Thank You in Advance
sir,I have just entered class 11 and i m keen to prepare for iit& i haven t joined any coaching centre yet& i want to knw which book will help me keep par with my class 11 syllabus as well as my jee preparation & plz suggest books which can help by just self studying.Thanks in advance.
Sir which book has good theory and set of questions for preparation of 12th as well as IIT
I am preparing for JEE 2016 and studying in 12th but my 11th is not strong what to do???
I just passed m.p exam and now i am in class11 in my village there are no any jee coaching centre.i have buy arihant prepguide 2015 book .is the book is perfect for self study to crack AIEEE
I need a book for mathematics which would explain me every concept s theory in detail. It should have some solved examples and then exercises covering all types of questions. But the theory part is very important for me. I ve got ML Khanna and A das gupta objective& And I don t find the theory to be sufficient& So please suggest me a good book. For instance I am having great difficulty in understanding modulus inequalities& So plz suggest an apt. Book which would give me the theory
Hello sir,I am a dropper and jee 2016 aspirant. I aspire to secure under top 100 rank in JEE advanced 2016. I use to study and make notes regularly from the videos delivered upon the subject matter in physics and maths by some of the top 100 jee rankers of 2009 provided by a correspondence course. Those are a lot useful explaining many misconceptions concepts tips and tricks.But I am not at all confident about the modules. Yes they may help to JUST crack IIT. The coaching study materials are limited in number of questions and I think they will not meet the required practise to get into top 100 rank So I am thinking of practising ONLY good books for JEE. And yes I am going to join a local coaching too from june& Bt as said I am not sure about modules. So I prefer to use the right books. And yes I am already studying NCERT. I will not neglect them.If I ask you specifically is ML khanna IIT Mathematics for maths and Concepts of physics Hc Verma + understanding physics by DC pandey sufficient to hit my target in case I cover them thoroughly? And If not,plz suggest me the right books to achive my target ?
Thank you sir.For chemistry I will go with NCERT and coaching notes for study. And I didnt found the theory portion of physical chemistry NCERT nice. For this I will be refering module theory and coaching notes. But I intend to start chemistry with coaching classes. Coaching is going to start in 3rd week of june. Before that, as my concepts of maths and physics are weak I plan to finish all the video lectures of maths chapters and NCERT physics of both 11 and 12 therby strenghtening my basics so that I can take the speed of coaching when started and can solve advance problems with them, as since it will be a dropper batch, they will not give stress on basics I guess. And moreover it will be benificial to me to have a strong foundation and a pre knowledge of every chapter before it is taught in class.Sir, I have a query more In this two years I never solved a single question of NCERT Physics. I dont know whther if it is OK to start with the problems of HC Verma directly after reading the theory of NCERT or I should solve NCERT excercise first before atempting HCV ? Am asking so because the excercises of HC verma are also starting with questions of very basic level and then slowly the level of question goes on increasing, and on the other hand the NCERT excercise are good for true and also start with basics but overall the level of questions is not up to jee advanced level.. I have to go to HCV for sure.. So I thought that would it be nice if I start solving exercises of HCV after reading the NCERT theory itself ?
Thank you sir,Now I am clear on what I should do. Sir, dont get annoyed but I want to repeat a question of mine which you have answered already& Yes, some general IIT Preparation articles do give a common line  For best concepts you can buy IIT Mathematics by ML Khanna but I have read interview of a couple of IIT Top 100 rankers and none of them take the name of ML Khanna.2013 AIR 33 Aman Goel tells to this extent in his blog on iit preparation tips that,  I have seen ML Khanna, don t go for that book, that is just an useless book  As an answer to someone on how is ML Khanna on his blog comments . And I have that one.He and all other JEE to rankers (like amrose birani air 3 2007) take name of separate arihant books for separate sections of maths such as => For calculus Differential calculus by amit m aggarwal, and Integral calculus by amit m aggarwal, for coordinate  coordinate geometry by sk goyal, for algebra Hall and knight or Algebra by sk goyal and so an so on& & ..I dont know whether it is his personal view or actually ML Khanna is not good for securing such two digit rank in JEE& My belief on ML khanna lessened because no top ranker did suggested it.. Rather they say dont use a single book for every topic, use that which covers that topic the best& Again it is also the fact that you will get benifited from the book only when you read it& ..Bt important is to select the r8 book. That is why I am asking you this question once again emphasizing on   IWANT TO GET A 2 DIGIT RANK IN JEE ".If I not utilise the book properly- not absord it thoroghly  of course I will not be able to score well and be among top 100 rankers  that is my problem. BT IF I STUDY THE ML Khanna BOOK THOROUGHLY WILL IT TAKE CARE OF MATHS PART FULLY TO MAKE ME LAND AMONG TOP 100 JEE RANKERS? IS IT THE RIGHT BOOK TO MEET MY EXPECTATION AMONG TOP 100 JEE RANKERS? PLEASE BE SPECIFIC& THANK YOU SIR.
Dear Nisharg golash,My son Arth now std x. his maths poor. i want him prepration for IIT JEE exam. This time he join BOTHARA classes. Which books you suggest best for him ?
How should I do an effective and useful preparations for IIT JEE
How much time should i devote for jee because this yr i will b giving my board examination too. Also for jee should i focus more on theory nd concepts or on practicing questions from as many books aa possible? Are school books sufficent to help me crack jee mains..or should i completely rely on hc verma nd books like these? Help me please as there is no one to guide me :) I am a class 12th student & i jst wanted to focus and do well
Suggest some books which are very much important to be referred to crack jee 2016. Is it necessary to refer all those books for jee 2016 or I can choose from it?
How to prepare for the exam as I m currently in class 12 n have no idea about it. i m not going for any coaching cuz i live in dubai and no good coaching centres are here. i m a bit tensed that its quite late for starting the preparation, but im dedicated for it. besides, my school lays so much stress on cbse and we are forced to perform well whole throughout the year for it. can i still get into iit with just max 10 hours of iit prep a week?
I m in 11th and I want to crack the IIT JEE paper. I want to know that how much time i must devote 2 my studies and how should i prepare for the paper. I m not able to solve the questions in books like Arihant .what should I do?Please Help
Is it very necessary to have a mentor for cracking jee?? I think my motorskills are a little clumsy but have the ability to understand concepts quickly. I m equally strong in math physics and chemistry. Please suggest the list of books to prepare for IIT JEE, also are these books enough or would I be needing some coaching then?
how to have concentration for long period of time
Sir, I am student of class 11th and i am studying in Vibrant academy in kota . I Get difficulty in Maths & Physics . Actually , when i step ahead to solve the que s of maths and physics , some que s does not get solved , so it lowers self-confidence . Sir , please help me to Become MASTER in these two subjects . (Please provide info. and some study material(books)) . Thanks a Lot
I m in 12th grade. Is it possible to crack JEE main if I start learning for it after my board exams? I m an average student though.
I am Pranathi of class 10 , i am studying icse syllabus so wil it be easy for me to crack iit
hello sir! i m having a problem with my speed. I have my concepts clear, but i fail to do it in time. Can you help me?
Hello sir, I ll be appearing for jee advance 2016. I have joined a good coaching classes but I do find a problem in solving questions provided by our classes. I am confused whether I can Perform well in tough exams like jee. Could you please help? ? ?
can you plz tell me the syllabus of iit jee mains and jee advanced syllabus for 2016??
Can any one crack it without joining coaching classes ?
I am student of Gurukul institute but teachers here are not that good. how can online tutoring help me clear iit jee
hello sir, I am in 11th class presently, I have started fearing maths which was my favorite subject till class 10th being from a small town I don t have a good maths mentor , so what I should do to regain my interest in maths and can you suggest something that can help me in self study for it???presently I have RD,dasgupta and cengage series for maths& please do suggest something I want to crack jee anyhow& .