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10 Sir,I am currently in class 8 and want to crack iit.In class 8,I have given escape velocity test of fiitjee in which I got a national rank of 81.I have attempted NSEJS this year.I have covered and mastered all the topics of physics,chemistry and maths till class 10.I have covered 4-5 chapters of class 11 physics,3-4 chapters of class 11 and 12 chemistry and 2-3 chapters of maths from class 11.In fiitjee,Igot 100%fee waiver but I have decided to not join fiitjee.I will be starting progression,limits,and trigonometry of class 11 and 12 with next week.Not from NCERT but I have covered class 10 topics of PCM from about 5-6 company books and mastered it.I have HC Verma Volume 1 and I am thinking when I will cover 7-8 topics from physics I will start to do HC Verma and I will also buy Resnick Halliday Walker and I.E.Irodov Till the end of the December I will have coverd 7-8 topics from physics,5-6 topics from chemistry and 4-5 chapters from math class 11 and 12 from 1-2 company books including NCERT.I am very good at maths I have masteres arithmetic for NSEJS and in every topic of maths that I study of JEE level I practice about 80-120 questions from 1 books excluding NCERT.I am thinking to take fiitjee correspondance in class 9.I know many books for iit preparation of PCM.Your advice will absolutelyhelp me .TEll me some strategies to do it.