11 reasons why an online one-on-one tuition is best for IIT-JEE preparations

Indian Institute of Technology, more profoundly known as IITs, are undoubtedly the most prestigious institutes for engineering in India. It is dream of lakhs of aspirants, who every year give its entrance examination, JEE Main followed by JEE Advance. IIT aspirants adopt a lot to methods to crack JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) but an online one-on-one tuition defeats all other ways. Here are the 11 reasons why an online one-on-one tuition is definitely the best way for IIT-JEE preparation:

  1. Students who go to regular coaching classes waste a lot of their time travelling to and from the coaching institute, and in turn, waste a lot of energy. The mind is not at its best when the lecture begins as the student is tired. One is not able to concentrate and grasp the very basic concepts as is needed for cracking JEE. Online tuition saves a lot of travelling time and unnecessarily caused tiredness.

  2. Time flexibility is another great advantage of online lecturing.


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