13 Tips to Crack CBSE 10th Boards

As I write this article its just a month from the board exams, so students appearing for this exam need to tighten up their belts and start preparation, being careful about things to the minutest extent!

Here are tips that I believe you will find useful for preparation

Find a comfortable study area​ - A place where there are no distractions and where you can just sit and study, put a clock nearby, some water, snacks and importantly keep your mobile or tablet away.

Work on your weaknesses​ - As the pre-boards are done and you are already set for the exam, by now you must know in which subject(s) you are scoring less. So give more time to those. If you are doing moderately well in a subject, you are up to 70%, you just need to put in a bit of practice to hit that 85% mark in it. Work on these aspects according to the chapter weightages.

Plan your study​ - Start with studying the NCERT textbooks, do all the questions at the end of the chapter. Prepare your own sch


I have recently finished my 10 th standard board exams, and now my parents are really confused whether to join me in any coaching classes (fitjee or aakash) (Read More)
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Yes. I am happy that you have thought of a wonderful approach. Coaching centers are used to guide you and help you practice. If you want to concentrate on self study, and NCERT books it is a very good option. I would suggest you to take the old fiit jee material from any second hand market so you can get all the questions for practice. And reading and understanding ncert books all by yourself. If possible you can join an online class, just for revising the chapter you read and solving few additional problems and to know how to tackle the chapter for the entrance,  ... (read more)