7 Tips to Crack IIT JEE Mains 2016

All of us work hard preparing for JEE but not everyone is able to achieve the desired results. Where do you lag behind? Here are some of the tips and advices based on my experience that can help you boost your JEE performance with the same efforts. Just hard work alone is not enough to succeed, you need to do smart hard work.
  1. Practice, Practice and Practice!!
Magic Mantra, can’t escape that!
Speed + Accuracy = Success at JEE mains!!
JEE is not about how much you know, it is about how many correct answers you can find in the given time. The correct approach and method unfortunately fetches no marks but only the answer does.
180 minutes, nearly 120 questions leaves just 90 seconds for every question and you have to read, think, solve and then mark it in OMR under the enormous JEE pressure and moreover mistakes can fetch you negative marks!
Practice is the only way to improve your speed and accuracy together.
  1. Do not leave any to

I am a student. I had completed my schooling I have completed iit-jee syllabus in my 6 to 10 classes. Now I am able to solve H.C verma and most part of (Read More)
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