Best books for NSTSE, KVPY, NTSE and Olympiad

Hola! In the last two posts - A Guide to NTSE, Olympiad and Science Talent Search Exams and Plan your NTSE, Olympiad and Science Talent Search Exam preparation we saw various competitive examinations school students fight, and why are these necessary for them. Also, we had a look at different study plans, one might follow to prepare for such examinations. In this post, let us see, what all resources, one can use to prepare themselves for these examinations.

Books: For Olympiads exposure to questions and solutions of previous year papers is best way. The questions itself will be guide you to read from various sources. For the same, the few HBSCE recommended books are listed below:

1. Indian National Physics Olympiad - Theory Problems and Solutions (2006 – 2009), Vijay A. Singh and Praveen Pathak.

2. Indian National Physics Olympiad - Theory Problems (1998 – 2005), Vijay A. Singh and Shirish R. Pathare.

3. Indian National Chemistry Olympiad - Theory Papers with Solutio


I'm in class 10 ( just promoted). For NTSE preparation, which books should I refer for Sciences ( Physics, Chemistry and Biology) ? I was thinking of HC (Read More)
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Hi Nikhar! The NTSE is an extremely prestigious and important olympiad, and cracking it has tremendous benefits. The NTSE paper has two parts, the Scholastic ability test (SAT) and the Mental Ability Test (MAT) Before we go into detail for separate books, let me refer Tata McGraw Hill's Book for NTSE. It is a complete guide to the exam, and has questions and papers that have been complied brilliantly. So whatever individual books you study from, do refer to this book for questions in the end I wouldn't suggest that you go for H.C.Verma right now. The questions asked ar... (read more)