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The target of cracking JEE exams in the year 2016 looks far now. But I have no time for my self- study as I need to go to school as well as coaching for all 6 days (Monday  Friday). My school time takes the schedule of 7 am to 3 pm. And for coaching it is 4 pm to 9 pm& .. (Both including the time to reach and come back from the institution). Please guide me how to manage my schedule for 12th board as well as IIT because I surely want to crack JEE-2016 and I am very determined to my goal. My present schedule has no time for any recreational activities like watching TV s or surfing internet or wasting time on electronic gadgets or wasting my time outside my house and I don t want any of these things to be included in my schedule.I only want to study and nothing else.Please also see to this that I am in ICSE board which is very different from CBSE Board. Although ICSE books also gives Questions capable in IIT still I am unable to cope up as JEE exam is based on CBSE Board. Plz Plz guide me as soon as possible. Thank You In Advance :)