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Sir/maam. i am a student of civil engineering from manipal university jaipur having low CGPA of 6.5.could some work experience and scoring high marls (Read More)
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Having a job is not necessary for the GRE. However, I suggest you to get at least 330 or above in the GRE to have realistic changes of making it to your dream colleges. Also, its better if you can publish a couple of papers in some of the journals. You do have a change inspite of 6.5 CGPA, however, your finding would not be that high. ... (read more)
Iam pursuing . I would like to know the pattern for GRE examination for agriculture background students
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The GRE has the same pattern irrespective of your background. Unless, of course, you are taking the subject tests in GRE in Maths, Physics, etc. The GRE General Test has three main divisions: Analytical Writing; Verbal Reasoning; Quantitative Reasoning. A typical computer-based test starts with the Analytical Writing section (1 hour). There are 2 sections of Verbal Reasoning each with approximately 20 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. There are 2 sections of Quantitative Reasoning each with approximately 20 questions to be completed in 35 minutes. There is usually also an unidentifie... (read more)
Hi. I need guidance for the analytical writing section for GRE.
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Dear Pankaj,   There are two types of essays in Analytical Writing. For each, there are different approaches required. I would suggest that you read some sample essays on That will give you an idea for in depth approach on how to write essays.   ... (read more)