Frankly speaking make your IIT success story

No matter how good or bad your exam preparation is, what matters is how you are going to perform in those final three hours of examination. Obviously, you cannot perform well without good preparation. I am just saying that performing well with good preparation is not a given! You have got to be smart, to be prepared for the worst when luck is not with you. You need to enter the examination hall with a clear mindset.


If I tell you my own story, I was not the best in my group of friends - in fact the least expected among them to clear the JEE. Though all of us got through JEE'09, I scored the highest rank (AIR 648) among all of them. What made the difference? Was it just my luck or something more? Well I hope this article will help you in finding it out.


Some basic rules you need to follow:

  1. IF YOU'RE THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ROOM, YOU'RE IN THE WRONG ROOM: As it says, the people in your study group should be smarter than you; people you could rely on


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