Fundamentals of Physics by H C Verma - An essential book to crack IIT-JEE Physics

IIT JEE (or JEE Mains and Advance), is one of the toughest exam in the country to crack. And also, one of the easiest, I would say, if one has the right resources and follows a strict timeline. Physics, one of the three subjects examined of the aspirants, is definitely easier than mathematics and does not involve remembering some ‘heavenly’ equations and chemical composition of compounds like chemistry. According to me it is the most scoring subject in JEE.

Physics is all about concepts. If the basic concept behind the theory is clear, there is no way one can make mistakes, except those of what we proudly call “silly mistake ho gayi yaar”.

To make the task more easy, a very wonderful book at our disposal, Fundamental of Physics by Prof. H. C. Verma. Just the right book for IIT JEE physics. Both part-1 and part-2 help in understanding all the concepts so clearly and easily that one starts loving physics and admiring it. And dear readers here is proof of the claim mentioned a


Two charged particles placed at a separation of 20 cm exert 20 N of coulomb force on each other. What will be the force if the separation is increased (Read More)
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