GRE Math: Strategies to solve an algebraic problem

“When I see a question on algebra, I go blank, and do not know how to proceed”, “I understand what the question is saying, but I do not know where to start solving it”, “I know the numbers, formulae and the concepts well, but there is something missing” – well, that something might be the strategy to solve the problem.

Let us see how we can use Translational Strategies to solve algebraic problems:

Keep drawing or writing the key points of the question on paper while reading it. That way you will know, what is given to you and what is to be found out, and hence, you can deduce a strategy to reach there.

Try to model the given word problem into a mathematical algebraic problem. For example an odd number can be written as 2n+1, or the sides of the rectangle whose length is 3 more than twice the breadth can be described as x and 2x+3. Find the entity on which other entities are dependent on, and write down the relations among themselves, you will get the equations correct. F


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