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Hello Ma am! I am a student currently studying in XIth std. I wasted almost 5 and half months of the initial college days. Like I have my basics only a bit good in Chemistry and Maths. I struggle in Physics. I want to crack JEE Advance 2016 with a rank of below 2500. I am desperate for IIT. Few days before my Maths sir gave me sheets consisting of previous JEE maths questions of which I solved almost 3/4th of it on my own. Only then I realized my potential. Can you suggest me an appropriate timetable which I can follow everyday? Well my schedule is that I attend classes from 7 : 30 am to 2 pm. I reach home by 2 : 45 pm. And the rest of the day is completely free for me. Please ma am help me. Your little help can make me achieve my goal. Your help would be truly appreciated! Thank you ma am!