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Hello Mam,I am Akash and i am in class 12th.After 3 months i am going to appear for jee main 2015. My prblm is that my physics part is not good,even basic part is not clear as i had given much more time to the Maths because it is favourite subject.Also,my chemistry part is not so good but it is on an average.Mam i am unable to solve any prblm of physics even the easier one. Also i had appeared for many tests and AITS but in every test i got low marks in physics..Mam,its my first and last chance to qualify for jee as my financial condition is not so good to appear for another chance.Plz Mam help and suggest me how should i make physics better,Also Board exam is on head..Only two months are left.. Feeling very frustrated.Hoping for ur best reply& . Feelig very frustrated.Hoping for ur best reply& .