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Hey! I passed my SSC exam with 90% marks, I opted for JEE preparation as I am keen for IIT. But as I transitioned for SSC to XIth my marks are getting really poor. I joined a coaching institute which provides integrated batch i.e. no college only coaching. But my percentage in Unit Test has decreased whoppingly to 45% only. Also in mid-semester exam I am not performing well. I do not know what has happened. I was a good student since school but now my poor scores is demotivating me. I look like a hippie student who doesn't want to perceive IITJEE and my coaching faculty also thinks like that along with my friends. But that is not the fact. I want to be a good student and IITian but I have developed a low self esteem and moral. I do not understand topics fast but when I understand them once they stick to my mind. This has caused me to think that I am of no use and seeing other people marks makes me reconsider my decision to opt for IIT. I need a push in studies as well as my mental fiber. Please help.