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Hello Sir,I am in class 9th now and want to go into Non-Medical stream for engineering and give the IIT JEE Exam after XII.Currently, I have a little knowledge about this and I am waiting eagerly to start preparation.Well, Currently in my school, (This time was my first Board Exam in September) I can easily score from 83 to 86 %. But looking at news everywhere, I am getting very scary becuase there s written that even the students who are getting 97-98 in XII and 96-972 s in JEE MAIN are getting a rank of about 13 to 15000 !!! What should I do now ??? I know that I will have to do very hard work for this. Looking at this news, I have extended my cut-off ranking to 1000 only. I want to come under 1000.I trying very hard for achievements.Can some one give some advice to me what should I focus on for now and what preparation can I do for that exam because seeing the syllabus : , I can see that there s some of the easy stuff out there which I am studying now.Well, Currently, I am almost ready for my 9th final exams (SA2-2014 [CBSE]) in Maths and Science. I am focusing for the Social Science, English and Hindi through concentration in school. Well, I am also worried about the Upcoming CBSE-PSA on JAN/18th/2014.Can someone please suggest me some books about these preparations and need advice also ???Any help would be appreciated.