Last Minute Tips to Crack BITSAT 2015 for JEE Aspirants

What are your chances to crack BITSAT, considering you have devoted all of your preparation time to JEE? How are you going to manage the time you get between your JEE and BITSAT exam? Some of these questions come up to the mind of those students who prepare for JEE all round the year or a major part of their time.

BITSAT is the entrance test for Birla Institute of Technology and Science - one of the most prestigious institutes of the world - no less than IIT's. So take it with the same seriousness as for your IIT JEE exam. BITSAT is an online admission test for three campuses of BITS: Pilani, Hyderabad and Goa.

As the dates of the BITSAT slots are 14 May 2015 to 29 May 2015, you would almost have a month left for the preparation, since JEE would be done with by mid-April. This article will give you an insight on ‘How to Crack BITSAT 2015’.

1. What to do after JEE Mains 2015?

By the mid of April, you are done with your IIT JEE Mains exam and you yourself are the best


From where I can practice the English proficiency part for BITSAT? Book/Reference anything could help
Asked By:
English proficiency in BITSAT can be practiced by solving many practice papers. For further material one can also use "BITSAT online" by Arihant publishers. There will be 15 English proficiency questions and I would suggest to answer the extra question. Extra questions are displayed after answering atleast 135 questions. So it will be an added advantage ... (read more)
sir does one need a good memory for solving bitsat qs or good concepts work out
Asked By:
Not memory but practice is what you need for sure, so keep practicing.  ... (read more)
how to manage time and study for any competitive exam, as most of the time student starts well but then deviates from the path?
Asked By:
Hi Kapil, Needless to say, its a very vague and a broad question. Yes, you are right that students deviate from their paths and indulge in some time-wasting activities. Frankly speaking, it comes not just to studies but about everything in life. If you really want to achieve your goals, like clearing a competitive exams, you need to show your dedication towards it. Make a proper plan and a schedule on how you are going to utilize your time. Set your daily and monthly targets, and fight yourself to achieve them. I hope this helps; wish you the best. Harshad Kasliwal ... (read more)