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Hello Ma am.Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I am happy to tell you that I have secured 226 marks in JEE MAIN 2014.I m giving all india test series in my coaching but I have been facing a serious problem these days/weeks.I commit few SILLY mistakes in my paper& ..every time I tell myself that this time I would do the paper with perfection and be assured that whatever I have done is 90% correct.But I end up committing unforgivable mistakes and feel dejected. for instance I make the structure of a compound correctly but count the number of bonds incorrectly in integer type problems& .I miss words like  only ,  either due to which I unnecessarily loose marks in multiple answer type questions , mistake of plus and minus sign etc etc.Trust me& .If I overcome this problem with your guidance it would definitely improve my score by 35-40 marks and it would matter a lot in improving my rank..pls help me ma am& suggest some way.Also if you could tell me minimum approx. marks required to score in both papers(180+180=360) so that I can get a rank below thousand (say 950-1000 in least favourable case)?Thanks a lot.