Plan your NTSE, Olympiad and Science Talent Search Exam preparation

In the last post: A Guide to NTSE, Olympiad and Science Talent Search Exams, we saw how important these competitive examinations are for all those who are planning to fight competitive exams in future. In this post, let us have a look at how should one plan to study for these different examinations. In the next post - Best books for NSTSE, KVPY, NTSE and Olympiad, we will see which resources would be helpful to ace in these exams.


The study plan for different exams vary quite a lot. Let us go through them one by one:

a) NSTSE: These are not very advanced exams and hence slightly advanced problems from the books mentioned in next post besides the course textbook should suffice. 

b) NTSE: It requires more focussed preparation for excellence. Preparation time should be nearly 8 months of moderately rigorous (2-3 hours per day) or 4 month of rigorous preparation (4-5 hours per day).

c) KVPY: The questions in KVPY are usually based on very standard course syllab


i am just started preparation for RMO and other OLYMPIADS.I AM REFERING challenges and thrill of pre cllege mathematics and arihant RMO i need (Read More)
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Hi Saurabh! Good to see you preparing for RMO and other olympiads with a good number of books. The answers and suggestions to all of your questions from my side are: Apart from Arihant RMO and challenges and thrill of pre college mathematics (which is a great book) and your rao coaching books, I don't think much more needs to be done apart from what you are doing for maths for IIT JEE except for solving previous year's questions and sample papers. Olympiad books generally have questions of a higher order than JEE. So yes, they can be incredibly helpful because if you are... (read more)