Plane trigonometry by S.L.Loney – Your key to crack IIT JEE

If you find it difficult to handle trigonometry, if you try to avoid questions involving trigonometry, if your favorite topic also becomes dreadful when it involves trigonometry, if want to develop interest in trigonometry then this is your panacea (a remedy for all of your problems): Plane Trigonometry by S.L.Loney
Considered to be the bible of trigonometry by many high school scholars, Plane Trigonometry by S.L.Loney holds a special place in every successful IIT JEE aspirant’s heart. 
Written in 1893 by S.L.Loney this book has turned out to be a weapon for competitive exam aspirants in 21st century. Starting with the basics this book delves into almost all the important concepts of the trigonometry.
Trigonometry – Ultimate Key to Crack JEE
Key to crack JEE is to master trigonometry. This topic is a major topic of Maths and it is utilized in Physics as well. So it is highly recommended for JEE aspirants to not just understand trigonometry but maste

How to express in radians the following angles 110° 30'.
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I m in 11th and I want to crack the IIT JEE paper. I want to know that how much time i must devote 2 my studies and how should i prepare for the paper. (Read More)
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Hello Shivani, It is good to see the enthusiasm for cracking JEE paper. Time is a relative term if you are preparing for JEE paper. The syllabus is quite vast and not very easy. So, studies should be your prime focus for rest of the two years.  Study as long and as much as you are able to cover all topics and with desired satisfaction level. Coming to not able to solve questions, that comes up with going through the topic and practicing associated problems.  Start with the basic ones and subsequently move towards the difficult. Read relevant books and refer to teac... (read more)
i am going to write JEE in 2016 i am never able to solve all the problems given in books like M.L.Khanna ,R D Sharma objective etc. In case i am not able (Read More)
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Hi Nikhil, First of all best of luck for your exams. While solving problems, first of all you need to be thorough with the concepts. It is not like if let say we have read the chapter one time and it is going to be enough. Your preparation strategy should be to at least read the chapter or topic as many times as possible. After that you should start solving problems. Second thing is that it is common that sometimes if questions are not getting solved, students generally gets frustrated. Take a little break or start studying something else. After some time, solve the problems again from ... (read more)