Seven reason why NCERT books are the best for CBSE board preparation

  1. The concepts in NCERT Textbooks are explained very clearly and give the students accurate and correct information.

  2. The questions and problems in exercises in NCERT Book are well presented and based on  the worked examples and formulae discussed before the exercises i.e the questions of one exercise are not placed by mistake before the introduction of concept as in some other books/publications

  3. Also the tough problems are presented after the easier ones to help improve the students’ confidence in problem solving

  4. Students should focus more on essential topics during CBSE board preparation which are best covered by NCERT books

  5. Optional exercise problems in Maths textbook help in increasing mathematical knowledge of the student.The activities in the science textbooks help students to do experiments in the physics, chemistry and biology laboratory

  6. The print in the NCERT Textbook is easier to read and the spell


Hello,I want to opt for Non-Medical in future after 10th. I am currently in 9th and scoring 85 to 90% Marks. But I want to score 10 CGPA in 10th. How should (Read More)
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Dear Aditya,   Very good that you are scoring very good percentage in your academics. Keep it up! To get 10 CGPA points here are the some tips. Try to follow, this will help you get 10 points.   1. Along with academics concentrate on your external marks also i.e. projects and lab activities 2. Attend as many tests to get the most practice. 9th std Mathematics is very important and foundation to 10th CBSE. Concentrate more on 9th to 10th linked chapters to improve yourself in the subject.  If you are interested to attend online tests, descriptive or MCQ typ... (read more)