Study Plan for JEE and Boards

It is a concern for many students: How will I be able to perform well in the board exams along with acing the JEE? Should I focus on preparation for board exams in March, or the JEE in April? Is it even possible to ace in both? Well, yes it is. All you need is a strategy.

This article focuses more on CBSE boards and JEE, but it might be helpful for students of other boards as well, since it discusses an effective approach to prepare for any examination.

Having gone through the phase, I can tell that the syllabus for both JEE and CBSE consists of same topics in the core subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The other two subjects might have English and other optional subject you might have chosen. Moreover, the syllabus of CBSE exams is a smaller subset of the syllabus for JEE in terms of the breadth of the topics. It really is not a big deal if you think about it. Preparing for CBSE would be like warming up for the JEE.

Also, you need not focus on the board examination


In my school they say that for physics, board exam will be tough.They asked us to solve 15 previous year question papers. But, if I start my preparation (Read More)
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Hi Nivethaa Ravi, If you start your board preparation in the month of February, it will be very difficult to cover all the topics for any subject including Physics. You should start preparation from November onwards. Chapterwise practice questions is must untill you get grip on the subject. Then slowly you can start previous year question papers. You will get confidence on your preparation. All the best!   Regards, Anuradha Vasiraju ... (read more)
How much time should i devote for jee because this yr i will b giving my board examination too. Also for jee should i focus more on theory nd concepts (Read More)
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Hi Akshana! Don't worry. Several people have no one to guide them often, while preparing for JEE. That just makes the challenge that much better and exciting. I'll be happy to assist you. What you need to understand right away is that JEE and boards are not independent events. Their preparation has never been exclusive, and in my opinion, preparing for one automatically guides you to prepare for the other. For instance, you have asked if you should focus more on the theory and concepts or the numericals and questions. My advice is that you focus on both, sequentially. Firs... (read more)