The Benefits of Knowing Multiple Solutions to the same Problem for IIT JEE

In Physics and Mathematics, especially in broad concepts (like Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Coordinate geometry), often we have many different solutions to the same problem. I would always advocate learning (or rather, understanding) all possible solutions you can think of.


A common misconception students have is that knowing multiple solutions will lead to ‘having to remember more stuff’, or more confusion. Other reasons not to learn all possible solutions are inability to obtain other solutions, and often laziness.


In regards to ‘having to remember more stuff’, this will not happen if you try to understand the solutions, as opposed to just memorizing them. Remember that, given so many different concepts in a chapter or section, the more connections you will be able to make between them, the fewer thing you will actually have to remember. For example, you can remember Newton’s Laws, Energy conservation, momentum conservation, constraint relations, relations of r


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If you are really familiar with the IITJEE material when you near the board exams, it should not take you more than a month to cover what is not there in the IIT syllabus, and be familiar with the type of questions asked in boards. ... (read more)