The Importance of not making Mistakes in IIT JEE

There is a simple rule that you should remember while attempting problems when you are not quite sure what the solution is: if do not make mistakes, you will not arrive at the wrong answer. Note that you will not necessarily get the right answer, but getting the wrong answer is impossible. The rule may seem trivial to you if you assume the existence of only two possibilities, getting either the right or the wrong answer, but in fact there is a third possibility - you may not get any answer at all.


In this article I would like to address an issue which I came across, when I was preparing for IIT-JEE, and is more applicable for Physics and Maths, and less to Chemistry (may be useful in Physical Chemistry). I would often try a (say) Physics problem for hours and not get the right solution. Then I would ask my teacher, and he/she would use a specific concept (say conservation of angular momentum) and get the right answer. My reaction in those cases would most often be “that’s


I am from class 11th. I want to ask now it is December. So how to prepare for IIT JEE 2017. And too for BITS. And please give me a study pattern.
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First off all I will recommend you to focus on your syllabus and cover everything in the syllabus and parallelly in every topic go a bit more advance that mentioned in the syllabus. For IIT JEE your focus should be on more problem practice and keep in mind that only good problems will make your clarity of concept. For example for Physics HC Verma is an ideal book for problem practice and this book solve twice by yourself. In first attempt make 70% of the numerical by yourself and while revising you should be able to solve 95% of the questions. For Mathematics TMH or Arihant is also a nice b... (read more)