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Integrated Reasoning
Analytical Writing Assessment

GMAT Quantitative Complete Course



Course No.: AT10-1505

Total duration: 7 weeks
Total class hours: 26 Hours
Number of classes: 13
About Course:
The GMAT Quantitative section is one of the 2 sections on the GMAT. The score in this section is generally calculated out of 51. Performance on the GMAT Quant relies very much on the basics, your analytical ability and speed. This course covers the topics from basic level to problem solving. Both Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving questions are practiced and at the end we will have a couple of sessions on discussing the student's performance on mock tests.
Topic Covered
  1. Number System

  2. Geometry  1

  3. Geometry  2

  4. Geometry  3

  5. Inequality

  6. P&C

  7. P&C Doubts and Probability

  8. Statistics

  9. Time and Work and Time Speed and Ratios and Mixtures

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GMAT Verbal Complete Course



Course No.: AT10-1510

Total duration: 9 weeks
Total class hours: 18 Hours
Number of classes: 18
About Course:
The GMAT Verbal section is one of the 2 sections on the GMAT. The score in this section is generally calculated out of 51. The GMAT Verbal section has 3 main sections:
Reading Comprehension: Reading Comprehension requires you to read a selection and then answer a number of questions about the content, tone, main idea, and structure of the passage.

Sentence Correction: Sentence Correction questions present you with a sentence that may or may not contain a grammatical error. You’ll have to select the choice that is free from mistakes and exhibits the greatest clarity and coherence.

Critical Reasoning: Critical Reasoning requires you to evaluate and understand the nature of various arguments, through identifying their conclusions, supporting evidence, and underlying assumptions.
Topic Covered
  1. Sentence Correction Basics

  2. Critical Reasoning

  3. Types of Critical Reasoning questions

  4. Reading Comprehension - Main Idea Question

  5. Reading Comprehension - Supporting Idea Question

  6. Reading Comprehension - Inference Type Question

  7. Reading Comprehension - Applying information to context outside passage

  8. Reading Comprehension - Logical Structure

  9. Reading Comprehension - Style and Tone

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