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GRE Quantitative Complete Course


Quantitative Reasoning

Course No.: AT12-1506

Total duration: 8 weeks
Total class hours: 32 Hours
Number of classes: 18
About Course:
The GRE Quantitative Reasoning section is 1 of 2 sections on the Revised GRE. Many claim that the Quant section of the revised GRE is significantly tougher than that of the old GRE, and hence requires more practice. During this course all relevant topics will be covered in detail and the students will practice some quality questions in the class as well.
Topic Covered
  1. Introduction to number system & number properties

  2. Prime factorisation, LCM, HCF, factors and multiples

  3. Fractions, Decimals, Ration and Proportion

  4. Percentages

  5. Roots and exponents

  6. Algebra

  7. Equations in one variable and two variables

  8. Quadratic equations

  9. Inequalities

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GRE Verbal Reasoning Complete Course


Verbal Reasoning

Course No.: AT12-1507

Total duration: 9 weeks
Total class hours: 18 Hours
Number of classes: 12
About Course:
This comprehensive GRE Verbal Reasoning course teaches specific skills to master the verbal sections of Analytical Writing, Sentence completion, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Heavy focus will be on writing and vocabulary.
Topic Covered
  1. Introduction to GRE & Importance of vocabulary and how to cram it.

  2. Text Completions

  3. Sentence Equivalence

  4. Reading-an Overview

  5. Strategies to Reading Comprehension - 1

  6. Strategies to Reading Comprehension - 2

  7. Strategies to Master Advanced Sentence Equivalence

  8. Strategies to master Advanced Text Completion

  9. Student will develop skills in Advanced Text Completion

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