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Dynamics of Time Allocation to PCM during Exam

Dynamics of Time Allocation to PCM during Exam Hello everyone. How many times it has happened that we mess up with the time limit of the exam and then realise that we accidentally left the easy marks because we were way too much busy to attempt the questions in a sequence determined by our practice? Most of the students attempt to finish off...

Chemical Equilibrium : Le-Chatelier’s Principle Problems & its Solutions

Chemical Equilibrium : Le-Chatelier’s Principle Problems & its Solutions Solving the problems has often been described as a crucial part of higher secondary chemistry classes. In many schools, in the chemistry classes there are certain prerequisites which are – the students must have attained a certain level in mathematics cl...

IIT JEE, Chemistry, Problems & Solutions

Life does not always welcome one with a flower bouquet. A person succeeds only when he overcomes all the hurdles ultimately wins the battle. In every phase of life one has to face lots of problems and a student has his set of problems in his studies. There are some topics in every subject which are problematic and are difficult to study. Ma...

Complex Numbers Under 20 Mins

In this article Complex Numbers Under 20 Mins, I intend to revise all the important concepts of Complex Numbers and the associated formulae and which will help you revise Complex Numbers under 20 mins!! Please note, a general prerequisite for this article is basic theoretical knowledge on complex numbers. This is not a lesson but a revision...

Checklist for IIT JEE Mathematics

Exam’s near, what to study? When the clock is ticking and the time to prepare for the IIT JEE exam is gradually decreasing, a checklist might just come handy. These pointers might seem trivial at first, but trust me, in the last few months of your preparations, ensuring that a holistic revision is done is all what’s needed. So here I...

Answers to student questions on preparation from our expert tutors.

Hi Pranay! The JEE 2017 syllabus is most probably going to be the same as that of the 2016 exam. Year to year, there's not much variation, and the general theme of the paper remains the same, unlike the pattern of the JEE Paper, which is highly variable. The syllabus for the exam (physics section) is the following General: Units and dimensio...

Put x=0 and y=0 in the given equation. Get [f(0)]^2-f(0)=0 or f(0) [f(0) -1] =0, now since f(0) !=0, f(0) = 1. now put x=0 and y=7, to get f(7) = 8. ...

put t^2-=tanx. convert it in the form 1/ 1+x^4 form ...

As you are in class 11th, it's the best time for you to start with the preparations. A good guidance in your subjects from experts will give you an extra edge over the others. Hardwork and intrest should be from your side and rest will be delivered by expert faculty to make you clear iit jee. Also go through previous year paper and trends to...

Answer is 1. Hint: Use formula of tan (A+B) to find out tan A tan B. Take tan 10 and tan 80 together and tan 20 and tan 70 together. ...

A Counselling Session helping students and their parents to understand their role in IIT JEE preparation. Neepa Shah:
Professional IIT JEE Counsellor. Parent of AIR 23 scorer (IIT JEE 2008)

What does

IIT JEE counselling session

  • Guiding parents for their role in building bright future of their kids
  • Helping students to overcome obstacles, either academic or emotional while preparing for their Engineering Entrance Exams - mainly

    IIT JEE Mains and Advanced

  • IIT JEE Preparation Strategy for students

    as well as parents
  • Awareness about

    IIT JEE exam,

     why it is Important and its Benefits to students
  • Future prospects for students after


    and after completing Engineering.


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2 year comprehensive JEE Chemistry Program



Course No.: EE77-1318

Total duration: 22 months
Total class hours: 196 Hours
Number of classes: 76
About Course:
This course would cover all topics that are part of the JEE Mains syllabus. The level of preparation would be aimed at the JEE Advanced and JEE Mains level. This is a comprehensive course including concepts, practice problems, and techniques for problem solving. The course would also train students in exam taking techniques. This course would progress along with the school year and help students do well in their school or board related studies as well, specifically for Class XII Board exams.
Topic Covered
  1. Mole Concept-l

  2. Mole Concept-ll

  3. Mole Concept-lll

  4. Mole Concept-lV

  5. Gaseous State-l

  6. Gaseous State-ll

  7. Chemical Equillibrium-l

  8. Chemical Equillibrium-ll

  9. Ionic Equillibrium-l

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2 year comprehensive JEE Physics Program



Course No.: EE77-1319

Total duration: 22 months
Total class hours: 187 Hours
Number of classes: 67
About Course:
2 year comprehensive JEE Physics Program will cover all topics that are part of the JEE Mains syllabus. The level of preparation will be aimed at the JEE Advanced and JEE Mains level.
This is a comprehensive course including
1. Learning respective concepts for each topic
2. Solving regular practice problems in the session
3. Taking relevant home problems from your tutor
4. Problem solving strategies and techniques

Relevant reference books are mentioned on the blog and will also be suggested during the course by the tutor. As every aspirant has different pace of learning changing right gears during your preparation is essential to reach your potential. The course will also train students in exam taking techniques section wise as most often the reason for average anxiety. This course will be parallel with your school year curriculum so that it can help students to do well in their school or board related studies as well, specifically for class XII Board exams.
Topic Covered
  1. Basic Units and Dimensions

  2. Rest and Motion: Kinematics (1D)

  3. Rest and Motion: Kinematics (2D)

  4. Projectile motion-l

  5. Projectile motion-ll

  6. Newton's Laws of Motion-l

  7. Newton's Laws of Motion-ll

  8. Friction

  9. Circular Motion-l

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