Advantage of Spanedea

Spanedea now brings the best teachers at your home via broadband. Our online classes are live and interactive. It becomes easier for JEE aspirants in Dubai to prepare for JEE and compete with the lakhs of student in India. Online preparation and training does not get any easier than this; nor more effective.
  • Classes will be held one to one. It enables interactivity of discussions; students can ask questions and get their doubts cleared.
  • Customize your own course. Even study individual chapter, section of any chapter or just doubt clearing.
  • You will not lag behind in your preparation even if you shift/travel back to India.
  • Classes will be scheduled as per Gulf Time Zone (UTC/GMT +4 hours).
Test your skill periodically in JEE exam environment. Regular test series and practice sheets will provide rigorous course.

1-on-1 - Personalized attention and interactive Courses

Comprehensive coverage and unmatched individual focus!

Batch Size:
Only 1 student in batch.
Classes will start within 6 hours of enrollment.
As per student need.
Course Fee:
Rs. 600 /hr onwards per subject.
Teaching hours:
As per the course enrolled.
Ideal for you:
To remove weaknesses, maximize strengths & gain your best rank!


What our students are saying about awesome Spanedea teachers!

very helpful

- Rajdeep
21 Sep, 2016
(Personalised Course For Rajdeep)
Teacher: Spanedea Tutor
very good

11 Feb, 2016
(Personalised Course For PRASUN)
Teacher: Spanedea Tutor

25 Jan, 2016
(Personalised Course For UTTARIYO)
Teacher: Spanedea Tutor
great sir ,with exceptional talent to make us understand concepts involved.

20 Dec, 2015
(Personalised Course For YOGESH)
Teacher: Spanedea Tutor

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Class in-home; comfort leads to focussed and better learning

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