How it Works

Set Your Goal High

Assess where you stand today and define your goal.
The right tutor can make your dreams come true!

1. Select Exam and Subject
Select those subjects for which you need tutors.

2. Help us understand your requirements
Use the Tutoring Preferences Form to quickly tell us what you wish to learn, what kind of tutor you want and what time slots work best for you. Attend trial classes and select your tutor. Registration fee, fully refundable, of INR 400 applies.

3. Decide on tutor fit
Spanedea matches tutors to your requirements and schedules. Just attend trial classes with shortlisted tutors and decide who is your best-fit. Convey decision and provide feedback through your Spanedea dashboard.

4. Attend Live Class
Attend online classes with real time teaching and two-way communication with your chosen tutor. All you need is a desktop/laptop/tablet, broadband Internet connection, a headset (microphone-speakers combination), a digital pen tablet and a webcam. At the scheduled time for your class, just log on to your dashboard and attend.

5. Manage Your Tutoring Program
Need to change your tutor midway? Want to adapt your tutoring program? Reschedule a class? Track syllabus completion? Want to cancel program and seek refund? Just log on to your Spanedea Dashboard and take charge.


Dedicated attention from your best-fit tutor combined
with your commitment and hard work will help you achieve great