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Ionic Equillibrium-ll



Duration: 3 Hrs

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Lesson 10

About Ionic Equillibrium-ll

Ionic Equilibrium-II covers pH of a solution, ionization of weak acids and weak bases, their dissociation constant (Ka and Kb), relation between Ka and Kb,polyacidic bases and polybasic acids, and common ion effect. A lot of numerical problems will be done on related topic to cover each type of problem. Problems on common ion effect will help us revise the concepts we have learnt in mole concept, gaseous state, chemical equilibrium and what all we have learnt till now in Ionic equilibrium as well.
Class notes from Ionic Equilibrium-I
Solve exercise problems from P.Bahadur
Complete Chemistry NCERT intext and solved problems before going to Ionic equilibrium-III session

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