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Mole Concept-l



Duration: 2 Hrs

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Lesson 1

About Mole Concept-l

Mole concept is the very basic concept of chemistry and it continues till the chemistry ends. So mole concept becomes one of the most crucial topic in your preparations just like atomic structure and periodicity. If it is not conceptually clear, it creates a lot of problem mainly with gaseous state, chemical equilibrium and other chapters belonging to physical chemistry domain. During the course mole concept is given ample time to cover everything very clearly.

This session will cover the following:
1. Matter
2. Nature of matter
3. Elements & compounds
4. Properties of matters
5. International units of measurement
6. Seven fundamental basic units.
Chemistry NCERT part (I) In-text problems from Some basic concepts of chemistry
Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur
Physical chemistry O.P.Aggarwal (for additional practice only)
Chemistry NCERT (Chapter 1)

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