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Electric Field and Electric Potential-I



Duration: 3 Hrs

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Lesson 37

About Electric Field and Electric Potential-I

Charges is what it is going to be in 12th standard physics. Everything that is going to be taught in physics from now onward will have a lot to deal with charges.That's why it is necessary to have good understanding of this topic. Another thing which makes it essential is that every electrostatics is high weightage in JEE. This session covers the basics of electrostatics e.g. types of charges, properties of charges,insulators and conductors, conservation and quantization of charges, coulomb's law, forces between multiple charges, superposition principle and continuous charge distribution.
NCERT (electric charges and field)
NCERT text and intext problems
Concepts of physics-II by H C Verma
Fundamental of physics by Resnick Halliday Walker

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