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Please introduce Spanedea!

Spanedea is an Internet marketplace for teacher-led live online learning and tutoring. Founded in 2011 by IIM Bangalore alumni, it is based in Mumbai, India. Our mission is to enable good quality teaching to be accessed widely, globally, without borders.
Print has evolved into videos and interactive games. Books are being edged out by laptops and now tablets are displacing laptops. However the teacher's role remains central to learning. Yes, education needs an overhaul, but we believe that some of the prevalent trends prescribing 'throw technology at it' are misguided and potentially harmful.
Every learner is unique, and so is every learning situation; and therefore the core belief at Spanedea is People Teach People Best.

Who's on the team?

The founders are from the class of 1998, IIM Bangalore; Nitin Bansal , Rajat Sharma and Sanjay Bhadra. Shilpa Sindhwani manages the teacher community. Nisharg Golash runs academics and operations. Anuj Garg leads marketing, product and alliances. Shailesh, Satish, Karan and Bhavana help with counseling, enrollment and class operations.

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What do I do if I forget my password?

Click on Sign-up on the top right header, and click on the 'Forgot Password' link!

How can I contact Spanedea about another problem?

Please feel free to write us at with queries, suggestions, praise or complaints!

FAQs for teachers

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Explain Spanedea quickly!

Spanedea is a fresh alternative for exceptional mainstream teachers; as serious option to build a meaningful online teaching career.
Teach globally: Extend your reach to students from across the world. Yes we know you are very well regarded in your community, but maybe now is the time to tutor students from another country and culture!
Teach at convenience: Firstly, teach from home (or wherever you are most comfortable!) with just access to hi-speed Internet and a laptop. Secondly, create a teaching schedule per your calendar; maybe take advantage of timezone differences to teach really early in the mornings or during late evenings. Thirdly, you could increase or decrease your teaching commitments (hours) depending on your schedule.
Set your own rates: We understand that no teacher teaches only for money, but money does play a part in life! Hence, at Spanedea, you set your own rates, based on credentials, experiences and your assessment of the market.
A fair share: At Spanedea, you get upto 90% of the fees that the student pays. Compare that with what tutoring institutes or coaching classes share with you.
Just teach: As a teacher, you want to focus only on teaching, without having to worry about administrative operations, advertising, sales and marketing. At Spanedea, we have all the non-teaching stuff covered for you. Spanedea's marketing engine strives to ensure that that we become the destination site for students looking for serious tutoring.
In short, teaching at Spanedea is like becoming the proud owner of your own institute on the Internet - sans the administrative or operational hassles that usually come with managing your setup. And, yes there are no upfront or fixed costs. We are partners, Spanedea only wants a (small!) share of your earnings!

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Will Spanedea help grow my reach and visibility? How?

Spanedea champions teachers; we market your skills and expertise. And we need to; since our earnings are a small share of your earnings. On Spanedea, teachers get their own Home Page. Creating a course in Spanedea will get you listed you as a part of our extensively accessed directory, so your classes can be viewed by visitors to Spanedea. Out on the WWW, our marketing engine ensures that your course gets noticed by the maximum number of prospective students; we market throgh digital and social media. Specifically, on Facebook and Twitter, we maintain an active presence among students, so that they keep hearing about our platform and the great teachers such as you who are on Spanedea.

Are you offering me employment with Spanedea?

No. As a teacher, you will be an independent entrepreneur using Spanedea as a teaching platform.

A few fellow teachers want to teach online as well, can I invite them?

Yes, of course you can, the more the merrier. Just send them a link of our website and ask them to register. The qualification process would apply to them as well!

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How do I get started teaching on Spanedea?

The first step is to create a profile that conveys your experience, expertise, and teaching skills. The next step is to create a course and publish it. Creating a course involves articulating course level objectives, breaking down the course into the appropriate number of sessions, and describing session level agenda. After a quick approval process, the course gets listed or published. Once published, courses can be browsed and purchased. Once a purchase is complete, you will get a notification of enrolment.

What are the qualifications necessary to tutor on Spanedea?

Spanedea, and more importantly prospective students will evaluate you based on the strength of your profile and the quality of your courses. So, please do ensure that your profile and courses offered do justice to your experience and expertise. There should be demonstrated expertise , as reflected in your profile, that establishes your credentials in the subject you plan to teach. Even after you get listed as a teacher on Spanedea, and your courses get published, we will periodically run quality checks on profiles as well as courses. And of course, we take student feedback very seriously indeed!

What can I teach on Spanedea? Which subjects or topics?

The subjects for which we are accepting teachers right now are:

  • Test Prep - SAT, ACTS, GRE, GMAT
  • Software Development / Programing
  • Chartered Accountants / Company Secretaryship (India only)
  • Engineering Entrance Exams - IIT, AIEEE (India only)
  • Music
We will continually keep adding subjects to this list. If you do not see the subject of your choice here, or have any suggestions on what should be taught here, please send us an email note at .

How do students find me on Spanedea?

On Spanedea, your profile will be listed on the Faculty Page. The courses you create would be listed on the Courses page, grouped appropriately per subject. Additionally, your profile as well the courses you create are searchable. Further, depending on your ratings and credentials, we will consider featuring you our Home Page. The product roadmap includes other marketing tools that you can use to get noticed within the site. Additionally, for selected teachers only, we will be running ad campaigns on digital and social media.

What are the technical requirement for teaching online with Spanedea?

You should have a fast Internet connection, a web-cam and microphone and a computer. Spanedea can be accessed through your computer's browser. For any assistance, you can get in touch with the Spanedea support team . Please do check the Tools section below.

Is there a limit to the number of hours I can teach online?

There are no limits !

Will my classes be recorded?

The classes may be recorded for security and evaluation purposes and you will be notified.

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Can I invite existing students?

Yes of course. if you have students, you are currently tutoring, you can forward them links of your profile and courses. so that they can enroll with you here.

If I am not satisfied with commitment levels of enrolled students what do I do?

As teacher, we are sure that you are also an excellent motivator. Use those skills! Seriously though, please inform us at

How will I track my students' attendance?

While the session is on, you will be able to see which of your students are online. You could also reach out to us. Very soon, we will have a system wherein when the class finishes, you will receive an email from team Spanedea notifying you as to which enrolled students attended your class and who didn't.

May I meet the students offline or teach offline?

Yes, absolutely. If you teach offline then those classes do not get logged on our system, and to that extent do not show in your record or public profile. Consequently, your credentials do not get enhanced on our platform.

Will my teaching be evaluated? How?

After each session your students will be requested to evaluate your class on various criteria. You will be notified of that evaluation via email and on your Dashboard. The star ratings of your course will depend on these evaluations. Your student can also write a testimonial for you.

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What types of courses I can offer on Spanedea?

For your teaching convenience, for offering flexibility to students, and keeping mind that your reach here is global (across time zones), we have enable two types of course. Of course for all courses, the more clear and elaborate you are about the agenda and learning outcome, the more effectively it speaks to prospective students.
For the Classic Course you create a structure defined by number of classes, duration of each class and periodicity of the classes. A Classic Course, further, has two sub-types: Class of One or Group Class - as the names indicate the first type is meant for teaching one student at a time, while the second can have up to seven students.
The second type of course is Teach Time. Think of this as consulting. Free format help and doubt clearing on a wide range of topics. Here you declare your skills and expertise, and then specify minimum time slots you can be booked for.

How do I create courses?

Yes, there a few forms to fill online. Good news - there is help on offer. While we have tried to keep it as simple as possible, we believe that the quality of the courses created will drive your perception in our community. So do budget some time and attention. Of course for experienced teachers this should not take too much time.

What is the class size in Spanedea?

We encourage one-on-one or small class sizes of up to seven per class or one session. Within these guidelines, the teacher can decide how many students there should be for a course. In Classic Course - Class of One and TeachTime, class size is one, i.e. one student only. In Classic Course - Group Class, class size can be set up to be between one till seven.

Can I teach more than one student at a time?

You could have multiple courses running in parallel and you could be having several students enrolled across courses. Of course, the limit per a single session is seven students.

Is it possible to edit course once the Course has been created?

No. We are putting in a simple feature that through which you can create a copy of your own course and then edit it, and publish it as a new course. Remember, you may still have students enrolled in the 'old' course.

When I create a course, how does it get displayed? How do potential students get to know about it?

When you create a new course, and after it is approved, it gets featured in the Courses page for all site visitors to see. You can notify people by mailing them the course link or posting your course details on social networking sites. If your course gets very popular, it will be featured on the homepage, drawing the attention of even more prospective students.

Can I offer more than one course?

Yes, you can. Of course!

If more than one teacher is offering the same course as mine, how do I differentiate? What role does Spanedea play?

It is dependent upon the quality of your study plan, your profile and your rating. So we will suggest you to make a robust study plan and put every possible detail on your profile to compel the students to choose you.

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How do students schedule lessons with me?

While creating a profile, you are requested to declare your working hours on a calendar. All classes that you teach (or take!) are required to be within these working hours. When a student is attempting to purchase a course, she can view, on a calendar, your availability (your 'free' time slots), and she can select time slots accordingly. So for example if your course runs for eight sessions, the prospective student, looks for eight 'free' slots on your calendar and blocks them!

How do I reschedule?

We discourage rescheduling except in case of seriously unavoidable circumstances. We trust in your professionalism. If you really must reschedule, the best way to handle it is to message your class as early as possible, and then find an alternate convenient slot at a later date. Please contact our support team also -

Is the schedule flexible? Can I change my teaching (working) hours?

Your schedule is flexible as long as no student has been accepted into your course. However once a student is accepted and his/her schedule adjusted according to yours, your schedule becomes fixed.

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What tools will be available to teach with on spanedea?

Spanedea has tools for creating your profile, using and managing your calendar, creating your courses and of course pricing them.

Do I need any special software to attend a session on spanedea?

Spanedea is designed to be browser based application. So if you have Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome installed you should be ready! However if something does not work please contact us -

Do I need a webcam or any other hardware to do a tutoring session?

Spanedea's believes that interactive video, or being able to make eye contact with the teacher (and vice versa) is a key sensory input that helps the learning process. So yes, a webcam is required, along with a microphone and speakers (to hear the students!). If you have a laptop, all the required components are probably already built in. We would also recommend getting yourself a good quality webcam if you think or get feedback that 'image quality' is not great.
There is one other piece of hardware that would be a really worthwhile investment - a graphic tablet. It would typically attach to your computer's USB port and come with a pen or stylus. Using the pad and the pen, you would be able to scribble and draw, just like on a blackboard with chalk or with a marker on a flip board.

What does a tutoring session look like?

We will post screenshots soon. However, to describe it in words, there would be a screen wherein you can share your video, and view student's video feed. You can also easily share (show) powerpoint or .pdf files (you must pull these files out once the session is done). And when the teaching gets really intense, you can pull out a white board and scribble complex equations or draw a picture!

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When will I get paid?

The students who buy your classes pay us, and we hold the money in an escrow mode. Once the class is over, the money accrues to your Spanedea account. At the end of every month, your monthly earnings get auto-transferred to your bank account. You can keep a tab of all your transactions on your Dashboard.

How will I get paid?

You will be paid by either direct deposit to your bank account or through a cheque sent to your registered address (i.e. what you mentioned in your profile). You will get the money at the end of each month based upon the number of classes taught for that month.

How much does it cost to tutor on spanedea?

There are no upfront charges. So it costs nothing create a profile, create courses and showcase your skills and expertise through your page on Spanedea.

Okay, how do you make money?

We work on a revenue share model. The revenue share for a teacher could up to 100% a course, though more typically it is 80%. So dear teachers, we make money only when and after you do!

Do I need to give my bank account details?

Your bank account details are necessary for us to transfer your monthly earnings to you.

FAQs for students

Getting StartedExpand all
How do I start learning at Spanedea?

A great place to start would be the Courses Page - browse through all the courses that we have to offer on Courses Page. Click on a course to see details of the course, details about the teacher offering that course, ratings for that course by previous students etc. If you can also talk to previous students or teacher of that course for more information. If you like the course, click on Buy Now to complete the purchase process. If you do not see courses of your choice, please email us at

How do I find a tutor of my choice?

To see a list of tutors at Spanedea, please click on Faculty tab from any page. Clicking on a tutor's 'stamp profile' would take you to the tutor's Home Page where key details, that can help you make an enrollment decision, are mentioned e.g.
Detailed Profile Ratings given by her previous students
Courses offered
Tools to get in touch with Tutor

What subjects can I learn?

Currently, you can study following subjects on Spanedea: Test Prep - SAT, ACTS, GRE, GMAT Software Development / Programing Company Secretaryship (for Indian body only) Engineering Entrance Exams - IIT, AIEEE (for Indian colleges only) Music We continually keep adding new subjects, and course, on Spanedea. If you do not see the course of your choice here, please send us a email at

Tutor Quality and SelectionExpand all
Who are the tutors on Spanedea?

Spanedea has some of the best tutors handpicked across various subjects and geographies (USA, India, China etc.). Every tutor's profile goes through scrutiny at Spanedea, first for initial approval and then periodically on an ongoing basis. This ensures that you get only those tutors who are capable, have a track record and are passionate about teaching. Our tutors are confident of their capabilities. Hence, many of them offer a trial class or free consultation sessions before you enroll for a course. And we are so confident about them that we offer a 15 day No-Questions-Asked money back policy. So for any reason, if you want to cancel a course within 15 days of buying it, we will refund your money in proportion to the unused amount!

How do I know if a tutor is any good?

To help you arrive at a decision we suggest you make use of information set and tools that Spanedea provides. In no particular order:

  • Review her detailed profile
  • Review the courses created to course structure quality and course relevance to you learning needs
  • Take a Trial Class, many tutors offer it
  • Contact the tutor before buying the course for any queries - user Spanedea's messaging system
  • Attend a free webinar, if offered by your shortlisted tutor
  • See how her past students have rated her and view testimonials

Is there a free trial?

Tutors are encouraged to offer the first class of a course as a designated Trial Class. This can be free or at a discounted price to the normal course. In case Tutor offers a Trial Class, the first class of that course is considered as Trial Class. You will pay for the Trial Class before the class begins. In case you desire to buy the full course after the Trial Class, you will have to make remaining payment.

Can I select my teachers to suit my learning needs?

Ofcourse. Not only do you have the ability to select your tutor, you also have the option to customise course in discussion with the tutor. As we said, Spanedea is a fresh new way of learning!

Can I speak with the teachers outside course hours?

Yes, you can.

Courses, Class and ScheduleExpand all
What are the kind of courses being offered on Spanedea?

Tutors at Spanedea offer following type of courses: Classic Course - Class of One: In all classes/sessions within this course the tutor will teach only you. So, you will have tutor's full attention. The tutor will layout the course structure and content. You can decide the start date for this course and chose a time slot for each session depending on when you *and* the tutor are free. Classic Course - Group Class: Here each class may contain upto seven students. The course structure, content and schedule will be fixed for this course; you can view the start date and the full schedule, and enroll if the dates and slots fit your calendar. TeachTime: This is a course characterized by having only one session with a class of size of one - you! Think of this like availing a consulting session from an expert. You are buying the tutor's time and requesting her to teach certain difficult topics or clarify doubts that remain even after having done some studying. Essentially, the agenda for the class will be set per your needs. Trial Class: Before you buy a full course, you can take a Trial Class and ascertain how good the course is and how suitable the tutor is for your learning needs. The Trial Class could be free or paid but discounted vis-a-vis a regular class, and this is decided by the tutor.

If I chose a one-on-group (1OG), how many classmates will I have?

Exact number of classmates will be decided by Tutor, but it will not exceed seven classmates.

Can I learn one-on-one?

Yes, you can if you buy either of following course - Class Course - Class of One or Teachtime.

Can I review my course content in advance?

Yes, you can view the study plan in advance.

Can I take more than course at the same time?

Sure, you can take as many courses as you need and can do justice to. And till you have calendar conflicts!

For a course, is the schedule of the sessions flexible?

Classic Course - Class of One you have the flexibility of choosing a start date and each session. The selection of slots is done via a calendar interface that shows the possible time slots based on the tutor's and your availability. Classic Course - Group Class, when you buy a course, you will see the specific start date and schedule of course. This is fixed. Teachtime - Here, you chose a slot based on the tutor's and your availability. Within the available slots, you can chose the date.

How do I schedule a session with a teacher?

In Classic Course - Class of One and TeachTime, you will be able to view your tutor's availability and yours through a calendar. Based on the slots you see on the calendar, pick slots as per your choice. In Classic Course - Group Class, when you buy a course, you will see the specific start date and schedule of course.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a lesson?

For a One-on-One class, rescheduling s possible if both you and the tutor agree. The two kinds of courses where the class size is one - Classic Course - Class of One and TeachTime. For Classic Course - Group Class, where there a group of students enrolled rescheduling is possible and practical only the entire class the teacher agree. In case you need to a miss class, request your tutor for a slot on TeachTime!

What are the Performance Guarantee Courses?

Tutors may, for a few of their courses at Spanedea, offer a Performance Guarantee. In simple words, if your performance, measured against an appropriate benchmark, does not improve after taking that course, you are entitled to a full or partial refund! No questions asked.

What happens if I miss one or more sessions?

If you are ever unable to attend a session, we strongly recommend that you inform your tutor and request for a change in schedule, well in advance. Please note that any request for change in schedule is subject to tutor's acceptance. If you are unable to attend the session without prior notice,then it would at your tutor's discretion whether the missed class is held again.

Privacy and SecurityExpand all
What about privacy and security?

Studying at Spanedea is safe and secure due to multiple reasons. One, we record all our lessons to monitor quality. Two, fees received from students are marked escrow by Spanedea, till the sessions commence. The tutor is paid only when sessions are successfully complete, and in that proportion or to the extent that sessions are complete. Three, if for any reason you want to cancel the course within 15 days of purchasing it, we will refund your unused fees (proportionate to the classes that were NOT held) - no questions asked. Four, after each session and after the course, we strongly encourage you to give feedback; that helps good teachers attract more prospective students.

What is the Money Back Policy?

If for any reason you want to cancel the course within 15 days of starting it, we will refund your unused proportionate fees - no questions asked.

Do I get access to recorded videos of the sessions? Can I record the classes?

Sessions at Spanedea might be recorded for the purpose of quality control, security and law enforcement. However, they are currently not available to students for review and further studies. It is forbidden to record any sessions held on Spanedea without explicit written permission.

What about privacy and security?

Studying at Spanedea is safe and secure due to multiple reasons. One, we record all our lessons to monitor quality. Two, fees we receive from you is marked escrow by Spanedea. The tutor is paid only when sessions are successfully complete, and in that proportion. Three, if for any reason you want to cancel the course within 15 days of purchasing it, we will refund your unused proportionate fees - no questions asked. Four, after each session and after the course, we strongly encourage ask you to give feedback; that helps good teachers attract more prospective students.

What is the Money Back Policy?

If for any reason you want to cancel the course within 15 days of starting it, we will refund your unused proportionate fees - no questions asked.

Do I get access to recorded videos of the sessions? Can I record the classes?

Sessions at Spanedea might be recorded for the purpose of security and law enforcement. However, they are currently not available to students for review and further studies. It is forbidden to record any sessions heldo on Spanedea without explicit written permission.

Fees and RefundsExpand all
How much does a tutoring session cost?

Put simply, better quality tutoring at Spanedea is more value effective, most probably cheaper, compared to your neighbourhood coaching centre. A physical tutoring institute has overhead costs - expensive advertising campaigns, expensive offices and infrastructure. At Spanedea, we have cut out all those expenses in an effort to keep quality very affordable. In addition, at Spanedea we have tutors offering courses at multiple price points. You can choose a tutor/course that fits your budget. Further, you can in conjunction your teacher create a customized course covering only topics that you need help with. Is'nt that a far more efficient way of learning rather than repeatedly covering material that are already comfortable with?

When do I need to pay?

You need to pay for the full course before the course starts. However, your fees is kept in escrow by Spanedea and is paid to tutor on a proportionate basis as the course progresses. So, if for any reason a tutor is not able to complete the course or if you decide to leave the course within 15 days of starting the course, you will get a proportionate amount (i.e. unused fees) of your fees back.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all prominent Credit Cards, Net Banking, Paypal. If you prefer sending us a cheque, we are fine with that too. For now, the cheque facility is open only cheques drawn on Indian Banks.

If I do not have a credit card, what are the other payment options?

Yes, can pay through cheque, drawn on an Indian bank. Please send cheque in name of Openedex India Pvt. Ltd. at the following address:
Openedex India Pvt. Ltd.
C- 703 Mangalya
Near Marol Fire Brigade
Andheri East
Mumbai - 400059
On the back of cheque please write following:

  • Your userid
  • Your contact number (with country code)
  • Course that you are paying for

If I have to abandon a course midway, am I eligible for a refund?

If you decide to leave the course within 15 days of purchasing the course, you will get proportionate refund to the extent of the unused amount.

After classes begin, if I find that a course is not suitable for me can I switch to another course?

So you can always purchase and enroll in a new course. However, refunds from the 'earlier' course will be subject to regular refund rules. If you decide to leave the course within 15 days of start of the course, you will receive a proportionate refund.

Technology and ToolsExpand all
What tools will be available to study with on Spanedea?

Spanedea's virtual class closely replicates an offline classroom. An offline class is fun because you see and hear your teacher live, you can interact freely with your teacher and there is a blackboard (or white) to write and explain concepts on. Our tutors have high speed Internet to ensure a clear video and audio feed. Many use a graphic tablet with a pen, tools that coupled with our virtual whiteboard actually replicates the typical classroom blackboard for you. In short, at Spanedea you will not miss your classroom!

Do I need any special software to teach on Spanedea?

Spanedea is designed to be browser based application. So if you have Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer installed you should be ready! However if something does not work please contact us -

What hardware do I need to attend a class? A webcam?

Here is what you need to learn on Spanedea Webcam. A good quality webcam will help the teacher monitor your expressions - seriously! Most teachers vary there pace or style depending on their perception of how the student is grasping. And your expressions, conveyed through a good quality will therefore enrich the teaching-learning experience. Microphone and Speaker - Absolute musts for you to listen to and speak with your tutor. A stereo headset with an integrated microphone is recommended. Broadband Internet connection - Preferably with a speed of more than 1 MB/s. More the speed, better will be the experience of studying. We strongly recommend that you test the suitability of your Internet speed by taking a 'Test Run' on Spanedea. In case, results are not satisfactory, we recommend you first upgrade your Internet connection speed before starting to study at Spanedea A quiet place without external disturbances - for obvious reasons! Learning happens best when you are focused!

What does a tutoring session look like?

Till we put up screenshots, or better still till you test drive the tool yourself, here is a description. A screen shows the teacher's video feed, any files she may be showing, and a whiteboard. If the teacher wishes to, and if you have a webcam, then you may find your face occupying the screen! Additionally you can text chat - public or visible to the entire class (which for a one-on-one class will be just you) or a type in a question, which only the teacher views.

Discounts and offersExpand all
Do you offer discounts? How do they work?

For some courses we offer discounts, where a fixed percentage of the course fee is discounted for a fixed period of time; i.e. if one enrolls within a specified time when the offer is valid, then the discounted price can be availed. We offer these discounts as seasonal discounts based on major calendar events, occasions or festivals. Or when we are offering a course that would help a large segment of our prospective students for a particular exam. Or simply when we are feeling generous! All offers and discounts are subject to expiry - the applicable dates are mentioned with the offers.

Got a Question?