Sorry, our partner program is currently closed!

What is Spanedea Partner Program

The Spanedea Partner Program is a great way for you to earn commissions by referring students to Spanedea. Not only do you help students get the best tutoring service available, but also get rewarded for this good deed!

Attractive Commissions

Free to Join 
Easy Payment Tracking

How it works

Partners simply upload their student leads through Spanedea Partner Dashboard. If the student enrolls for online tutoring classes on Spanedea, the partner starts earning commission. The commission is based on student's classes taken on Spanedea. The schedule of commission will visible on your Spanedea Dashboard, once you are approved as a partner!

Who can join

We look for qualified partners, either individuals or companies, whose area of work relates to supplementary education and tutoring. Successful partners have an understanding of student needs and have opportunity to interact with students regularly. Join as Partner