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IIT-M Alum. Chemistry IIT JEE faculty. Patient Teacher


B.Tech. from IIT Madras in , 2009, M.Tech. from Politecnico Di Milano, Italy in , 2016

Tutoring Experience: 8 Years 3 Months

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Dedicated teacher. Offer a proven track record of commendable performance teaching grades K-14, with a passion for education and an unwavering commitment to developing the student's knowledge.

My experience in teaching is I have been teaching Chemistry for IIT JEE for more than 6 years. I am an excellent and a very effective communicator. I believe in teaching students not only with knowledge on subject matter, but also on preparation strategy and motivating students to make sure they always remain intrigued by the subject. Apart from teaching, I also likes travelling, photography, poetry, reading, star gazing..

Educational Qualification

B.Tech. from IIT Madras in , 2009

M.Tech. from Politecnico Di Milano, Italy in , 2016


Very good teacher.
IIT JEE, Chemistry

Student has developed keen interest in the subject and would help in school and competitive exams.

Perfect combination of knowledge and attitude!!
Excellent traits which brings in tremendous confidence in student.

IIT JEE, Chemistry

Niranjan sir is extremely patient with me. His style of teaching is admirable with the right balance of theory and conceptual questions for better understanding. He is also quite student friendly and is always willing to clear my doubts. Plus his knowledge on the subject is amazing.
The only difficulty I have is his speed of teaching but otherwise a brilliant teacher. :) Would recommend him to my peers.

IIT JEE, Chemistry

My first topic with Niranjan Sir was Gaseous state. I found one problem very difficult and thought we may have to look at different cases and work out the answer. In my experience, other teachers solved problems using complicated terms and methods.

I was surprised when he showed me how to solve within four to five steps using basic ideal gas equation. This set the tone for the classes and I was excited to see that now I could tackle chemistry with ease. I also understood the new concepts that he me taught well. Otherwise I always found chemistry difficult.
He always draws parallel to examples from daily life which helps me to visualize better.

He also takes up from NCERT text books and previous papers. He solves several problems in each topic which gives me better perspective to understand and solve the problems.

He is friendly and easy going. It is fun to learn from Niranjan Sir.

IIT JEE, Chemistry

Took chemistry classes from Niranjan Sir. He was very patient with me and helped me understand concepts really well. thank you sir.

He is a good teacher,he cleared my all doubts and problems.
Subject - PMT Chemistry

Tips and Tricks, IIT JEE Chemistry, Thermodynamics

FREE Webinar on IIT JEE Chemistry, Thermodynamics, July 4th, 2016 Click Here -> Book Your Seat   Thermodynamics is a study of interrelation of energy accompanying physical and chemical changes. We study thermodynamics to interrelate the various energy changes during physical or chemical transformation, to predict the feasibil...

Book Review : Reactions, Rearrangements, Reagents - S.N.Sanyal

The relationship between a book and a student has to be a loyal one. It should serve with all the necessary things required to gain knowledge in the easiest possible way. Moreover it should give some scope to broaden student’s imagination by making them to think. This can be easily done in the form of asking questions, but there is an adve...

Solomons and Fryhle Best Book for JEE Organic Chemistry

With the availability of umpteen books in market, these days it has become a problem of surplus while picking the right book for any subject. More than the books, it is the voices of friends, seniors and of course teachers who always propose something different from what we had thought of in the first place. In such a scenario it is always advis...

Rate (INR/hr):  750

Rate could vary upwards depending on exact student requirement ( e.g. if requirement is very specialised, or if requirement demands a lot of background preparation)

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Diels Alder, Friedal Crafts reaction, Hofmann Rearrangement, Aldol condensation, Allylic rearrangement, Birch Reduction (explains the mechanism with Li and liq ammonia), Hell Volhard Zelinsky, Perkin, Pinacol Pinacolone, Riemer - Tiemann, Sandmeyer, Wolff - Kishner. The above reactions are the most important reactions. Apart from that you need t...

Hi Kanwar, Greetings. I am happy to see your dedication towards cracking IIT JEE. You should be happy that you know what your problem exactly is. So as you know that you have problem solving higher level problems. The only way to do is, having a thorough understanding of very basic concepts. I generally recommend my students to study from NCERT bo...

By frustration, you can't gain anything. Be calm. That's the most important thing. Sometimes class might seem boring, because you don't  understand them. So if you want to get a good engineering admission, you should study, there is no shortcut or magic. Instead of doing self study, sit with your friends and do combined study. T...

It is very difficult to find interest all by yourself if you don't have a strong motivation within yourself. So if you don't find motivation, find a guide/teacher who can motivate you. If you want to crack IIT JEE , a very strong motivation is required. I would suggest you to join some classes and concentrate on your basics, which can su...

They are good for practice. ...

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