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I am mathematics faculty teaching since last 12 years for IIT JEE and Mains (AIEEE). I start each topic from basic and increase the level gradually. This is very helpful for both weak and intelligent students. I think once the student is clear with fundamentals, he/she will be able to crack any exam.
Second key of success is motivation. I always try to motivate my students apart from their performance because it is must for any student to keep going in the best way.

Results of some of my students are as follow:
Varun Joshi, 2007, AIR - 739
Vibhuti Kayastha, 2008, AIR - 1875
Nirupam Gupta, 2009, AIR - 109
Saransh Umale, 2012, IIT Delhi


To teach student from the basic, make clear all concepts and give student the confidence in every chapter at each level.

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when you teach math , the concepts become crystal clear that I can think of solving tough questions! Thankyou sir for making math much simpler.
Subject - IIT JEE Maths

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Rate (INR/hr):  730

Rate could vary upwards depending on exact student requirement ( e.g. if requirement is very specialised, or if requirement demands a lot of background preparation)

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Vector is a quantity which has both magnitude as well as direction. For example, force, velocity are some vector quantities. They have some magnitude and have direction. There are some quantities which have only magnitude, they are called scalar. Feel free to reach out for any other assistance. Regards, Vinay Sogani ...

Dear Sanket, for getting good score in IIT JEE in Maths you have to do a lot of practice. Your concepts should be clear and you should know the applications of each formula which can be improved only by practice. Whenever you start a chapter, first start with elementary problems of that chapter. Suppose you learn a formula of a chapter, then fir...

Dear Piyush,   First make a chapters’ list in each subject. First XI class chapters and then XII class chapters. For example, in Maths you can start with Algebra part (quadratic, series, complex no., binomial theorem, permutation and combination), then trigonometry, then co-ordinate. For XII class differential calculus, integr...

Dear Paayal,   You have not mentioned whether you have completed XII class or appearing this year? If you have already cleared your XII class then you have very good time for preparation. Please ensure daily 8-9 hours self study. Make a timetable subject-wise for your self study and keep regularity. In Maths you can follow "Ari...

Dear Omkar, Differentiation and Integration are two important branches of Calculus in Mathematics. It is also very useful in some Physics problems. In brief, differentiation of any function tells us the rate of change of that function with respect to other variable. Integration tells us the area bounded by that curve with axis in the given l...

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