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DUAL Degree (BTech + MTech) from IIT Madras in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, 2003-2008, PhD from IIT Madras in Ship maneuvering control, 2015

Tutoring Experience: 8 Years 10 Months

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About Deepak Gupta

I used to love Physics while preparing for IIT-JEE myself and teaching came naturally to me. Teaching Physics to different kinds of students has given me an insight into Physics that I lacked as a student myself. This year (2014), 13 of my students cleared JEE-Main. Three erstwhile students of mine are students at NIT-Trichy. I have worked freelance for many local institutes and TIME. Teaching IIT-JEE level Physics has never been challenging for me.

I have handled a range of students, starting from the ones to whom I had to explain even the most basic ideas 3-4 times with examples to the ones who really hit me hard with their questions. The most hard work that I had to put in was with a student who is currently in 12th and studying with FIIT-JEE. She takes my help only for doubt-clearing sessions in which she presents me with problems from the FIIT-JEE package and I have to solve them and explain them to her.

The biggest challenge of teaching Physics I believe is to be able to show to the student that equations have a story to tell. It needs time, effort and a bit of intelligence on the part of both, the teacher and the student. Mathematical rigour is sometimes needed before the physical implication of an idea ingrains itself in the student's mind. It is a challenge for the faculty to hold the attention of the student for that long.


I think of working out problems as a way of learning and assimilating theory. I try to give a lot to the students and expect a lot in return. Quid pro quo.

Educational Qualification

DUAL Degree (BTech + MTech) from IIT Madras in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, 2003-2008

PhD from IIT Madras in Ship maneuvering control, 2015


These physics classes leave me feeling more satisfied at the end than any other class I've attended, so thank you!
Subject - IIT JEE Physics

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Rate (INR/hr):  500

Rate could vary upwards depending on exact student requirement ( e.g. if requirement is very specialised, or if requirement demands a lot of background preparation)

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