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Kshitij Rai   (On Spanedea since August 13, 2014)

Physics & Maths tutor, JEE Main and Advanced Expert, IIT Delhi Student, Olympiad Specialist


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Tutoring Experience: 4 Years 3 Months

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To impart knowledge I have gained by giving various examinations. To ensure that students score exceptionally great rank in JEE and other exams.

My experience in teaching is approximately 4 years for Maths IIT JEE, and Olympiads. I have cleared a few Olympiads in my school time. Listed below are a few of them. 1. SOF National Science Olympiad- 2010 (AIR - 237), 2011 (AIR - 212), 2013 (AIR - 186) 2. SOF International Maths Olympiad - 2013 (AIR - 96) 3. KVS Junior Maths Olympiad - 2012 (First round AIR - 21, Second round AIR - 18) 4. KVS Junior Science Olympiad - 2011 (AIR - 35) 5. International year of mathematics celebration quiz - 2012 (School level - 1st, Cluster level - 1st.

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B.Tech. from other_b_university in ,


Olympiads - Selecting, Preparing and Excelling

In a country like India, students are under pressure to excel academically especially while striving for a seat in a rate bachelors degree program. So this raises the question, what are the choices for a student, if he or she wants to do well in academics? How can a student assess his or her standing prior to competitive entrance exams? This is ...

Rate (INR/hr):  650

Rate could vary upwards depending on exact student requirement ( e.g. if requirement is very specialised, or if requirement demands a lot of background preparation)

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Hi Pranay! The JEE 2017 syllabus is most probably going to be the same as that of the 2016 exam. Year to year, there's not much variation, and the general theme of the paper remains the same, unlike the pattern of the JEE Paper, which is highly variable. The syllabus for the exam (physics section) is the following General: Units and dimensio...

Hi Pritam! I am really impressed with your progress in maths and chemistry, and it's good to see you have your preparation planned out. The thing with HCV questions is that, though they are relevant for the JEE Exams, they are often based on theories that aren't covered very well in the NCERT Text book. So my advice to you would ...

Hi Anjali! Having purchased the IIT JEE advanced study material and mock test series is a good step. I would now suggest that you start reading the chapters in the NCERT Text book sequentially, then read the IIT JEE Advanced study material, solve as many questions as you can. Once you are confident on some topics, and feel you can go for it,...

Hi Lakshita! I think if you take online tuitions, it would be very good and very easy to clear JEE, for a number of reasons. some of which are:- 1. Online classes save time. You save time that you would have normally spent in travelling to the class location or waiting for the teacher to arrive, and going back home once the class is over...

Hi Kajal! I would suggest that you take time out in your coaching class to ask doubts. If you are unable to solve questions, or are facing difficulties, it could mean that you have some doubts which are lingering on from when the topic is being taught. Ask your teachers to explain any question that you haven't understood over and over ti...

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