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B.Tech from IIT kanpur in Chemical Engineering, 2015

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I am a B.Tech 4th year Chemical Engineering student at IIT Kanpur. I have a CPI of 9.8 and JEE rank 1173. I have always understood concepts first for any subject and this is the reason for my strong grasp of the subjects. I want concepts to develop in the minds of students so that they appreciate what they study. I am looking forward to a career in teaching profession and it is really important for me to ensure that my students understand and appreciate what I teach. Hence, this endeavor carries a great importance in my life.


I enjoy teaching and ensure that teaching is done in the form that students can understand easily.

Educational Qualification

B.Tech from IIT kanpur in Chemical Engineering, 2015

Teaching Expertise

Book Review: IIT Mathematics by M.L.Khanna

The book covers Co-ordinate geometry, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Vector Algebra and Algebra in detail. The topics contained in algebra are complex numbers, progressions, theory of quadratic equations, permutations and combinations and a few others. Differential calculus deals with functions, l...

Book Review: Modern approach to Chemical Calculations by R C Mukherjee

The book by R C Mukherjee is the best possible guide for learning numerical chemistry for IIT-JEE preparation. It incorporates and amplifies features that enhance the understanding of concepts. The book is written in the language of mole, as the concept of mole is a basic tool in understanding chemistry. Sufficient fundamental principles have be...

Book Review: Chemistry Part 1 - textbook for Class XI - NCERT

It is a well known fact that chemistry is a scoring subject in IIT-JEE exam if you have good hold on it. The questions are based on concepts and inorganic questions can be solved instantaneously without any numerical calculation which generally consumes a lot of time. So, one should really try and understand the inorganic chemistry apart from th...

Why do you want to clear IIT-JEE exam?

For many bright brains of the country, the aim of their life after 10th standard is to start preparing for IIT-JEE, although about 40% of them are not aware of what engineering is all about or for that matter what work they would end up doing on becoming engineers. It is very easy for everybody to say, ”It is important for you to realize t...

7 questions for quick revision of Chemical Equilibrium for IIT-JEE

Problem 1: NH4HS(s)=NH3(g)+H2S(g) The equilibrium pressure at 250C is 0.660atm. What is Kp for the reaction?   Solution: The equilibrium pressure is the sum of the pressure of the gases present in the mixture. Since the stoichiometry of the reaction is such that equal amounts of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide would be formed so i...

Rate (INR/hr):  500

Rate could vary upwards depending on exact student requirement ( e.g. if requirement is very specialised, or if requirement demands a lot of background preparation)

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I would suggest that you fix a timetable and study all the three subjects simultaneously. Set some time each day for all the three subjects and go chapter by chapter according to IIT-JEE syllabus. I find it more efficient to study all the three subjects according to a timetable each day so that you are in contact with all three of them. Regards....

Thank You for the question. See, mistakes are bound to happen under pressure. So, if your son is confident that he knows the concepts well, let him practice more. Give him more mock tests with time constraints. As for the marks concerned in advanced, it depends on how well he is prepared and also on how confident he is while attempting the p...

According to me, more than getting enrolled in any coaching institute online or offline, it is important for you to be confident about the concepts and questions. If it is that you will start preparing now, then I think the coaching would provide you guidance and help you go along the path. Writing exam without much preparation doesn't help ...

Ok, start with making your concepts of different subjects clear, no matter how long that takes you. When I was at this time I used to study for 6-7 hours daily apart from coaching Online or offline. So don't start shooting for JEE-advanced start and focus on your concepts more. ...

Ok, I'll tell you the names of the books that I referred to at my time: Physics: H.C.Verma, I.E. Irodov (certain questions), and little bit Resnick Halliday Maths: M.L.Khanna, S.L.Loney Chemistry: R.C.Mukherjee, J.D.Lee and Paula Bruice ...

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