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Aditya Reddy Ramireddy   (On Spanedea since January 17, 2015)

Aerospace Engineer with 4+ years of teaching experience


B.E from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad in Aeronautical Engineering, 2010, MS from Univeristy of Pisa in Aerospace Engineering, 2016

Tutoring Experience: 6 Years 6 Months

Total Hours Taught on Spanedea: 61 Hours

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Contact: +39 3892312249

About Aditya Reddy Ramireddy


GRE July, 2012, 303/340
Verbal Reasoning 146/170, Quantitative Reasoning 157/170


I want each student to excel in his/her life. Hence, I focus on concepts building ensuring students' basics are clear.

Educational Qualification

B.E from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad in Aeronautical Engineering, 2010

MS from Univeristy of Pisa in Aerospace Engineering, 2016


Excellent communication skills, brilliant explanation and efficient use of time. He also helps me with various test papers.
IIT JEE, Maths

Aditya Reddy's ScheduleTeacher Timezone: Asia/Kolkata

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
11:00-21:30 - - - - 12:30-13:3002:30-03:30

Rate (INR/hr):  550

Rate could vary upwards depending on exact student requirement ( e.g. if requirement is very specialised, or if requirement demands a lot of background preparation)

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Hi, To know the basics of Maths, Physics and Chemistry, I would suggest you to read CBSE text books and solve the problems given there. When you are clear with the basic concepts of the subjects and then you can solve H.C. Verma, Tandon and R.D. Sharma. These books should be able to give you more insights in different kinds of problems that ...

Hi Anamika, To get good score in IIT JEE you need to be clear in the basics. We need to understand the topics so that we can handle any type of question. To do this you have to get good tutoring. First solve different problems from basic books like CBSE text books and then solve practice papers. By this you will understand your strengths and...

Hi Lakshita,          Online tutions are a way to guide you better but you have to work hard on your part. That is by solving problems/assignments given by the tutor.If you are weak in maths ,you have a clear understanding of basics in first and practice as many problems as possible. Then clearing JEE is easy. Weekly...

I would suggest you to learn the concepts starting from basics. WIthout understanding the basic concepts if you start solving problems you get disheartened. But this should not slow you down instead you should bounce back by working harder. Hard work is the success mantra. I would suggest reading CBSE (maths, physics) textbooks first to get insi...

Organise your time in an efficeint way. Use every minute available to learn something new. Practice what you learn. Whenever you miss something refer to basics, clearup the concepts then solve the problems. This helps you in achieving your target IIT JEE ...

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