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Abhishek Gupta   (On Spanedea since November 16, 2015)

Physics tutor for IIT JEE with more than 15 years experience and having produced ranks 26, 83, 133, 198, 298, 483 and many more.....


B.Tech. from IIT Delhi in Chemical Engineering, 1999

Tutoring Experience: 17 Years

Total Hours Taught on Spanedea: 55 Hours

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Contact: +91 9810433316

About Abhishek Gupta

My favorite academic books are Fundamental of Physics, Resnick and Halliday,University Physics.
My favorite general books are Fictions,.
My favorite teacher is My class XI & XII Maths teacher..
The leader I admire is My Mentor at T.I.M.E., Mr. Ulhas Vairagkar..
A memorable and interesting experience from my student life is Appreciation from my Physics teacher at school in front of the whole class..
Ten years from now I see myself as A content person leading a good life with my family while running my own institute or school..
The most memorable moment of my life is The most memorable moment or you can also say achievement of my life was when I cleared JEE with a rank of 551..
My special interests and hobbies are Playing carrom with my kids, playing badminton, watching movies, and listening to music.


My objective behind teaching students is to make Physics more interesting and imparting that point of view with which I see Physics by relating it with daily life examples.

Abhishek Gupta as Tutor

I love teaching because It is a noble profession. It gives me immense pleasure seeing my students achieving great milestones in their lives and still come and meet to thanks for being a good support in their life..
I can help students through online teaching because It help tutors reaches out to students very easily..
I want to join Spanedea because It is a medium to reach out to many needy students who want to learn from the comfort of their home and I can also teach from my home..
My experience in teaching is Teaching a number of students together has made me equipped with the ability of identifying a student's bend towards learning the subject and delivering what is needed out of him/her. Henceforth such students enjoy learning from me..
I consider the exam as The entrance exams are considered to be very difficult by masses. But according to me the exam itself is not very difficult, the number of aspirants taking that exam makes it difficult in INDIA. Approximately only one percent getting admission into good colleges in the end. To get into that one percent you only need to score about 40% in the exam, which is very easy if you learn your subjects well..
I consider the subject as most interesting among all basic sciences subjects. As it provides explaination to many day to day life phenomenon..
My favorite subtopics are Mechanics, as it is easier for students to visualise..
My teaching philosophy and methodology that I follow is Nowadays learning in schools is more of a cramming and reproducing process. Whereas, I believe in having a rational outlook and try to ensure students fully understand the subject and logically resolve every problem..
My greatest tutoring challenge was I was given assignment suddenly to teach students, when one of the faculty member left in the middle. It was a challenge to satisfy students with my tutoring, who was used to taking classes with other faculty.

Educational Qualification

B.Tech. from IIT Delhi in Chemical Engineering, 1999


Patient and Calm mentor who listens to your approach of problem and then suggests handy alternatives to solve the problem quickly. Helps one attain conceptual clarity in the topic which is a must in Exams like JEE. And last but not the least, keeps you motivated to move forward.

With the help of concepts learnt from Abhishek Sir in crucial chapters like Rotational Dynamics, Electrodynamics and Waves, I am able to solve Advanced problems in these topics.
He has provided excellent problem solving techniques and approaches which save me a lot of time in Exams.
He has provided valuable preparation tips for JEE which are much needed when you have only a month in hand for the D- day.

-Harshvardhan Patel
IIT JEE, Physics

Abhishek Gupta Sir is an informed man who finds teaching as well as studying physics for himself fun. He had very approachable in every sense, whether it be conceptual doubts or doubts that arise a day before the exam. I sincerely believe that Abhishek Gupta will come up as an asset for your tutor platform.

Got selected at IIT Delhi.

-Siddarth Khera
IIT JEE, Physics

He is a type of teacher who only focuses on understanding the concepts to the depth and never supports mugging of concepts.

Got selected at IIT Delhi

-Anshul Dalal
IIT JEE, Physics

Sir you are a great teacher who not only teach but motivate as well. When i enrolled in fiitjee i had no confidence as the day passes i got confidence and you motivated us very well and i have no words to describe your problem solving aptitude and knowledge IQ. Thank you sir.


-Devendra Pandey
IIT JEE, Physics

Abhishek Sir is one of the best teacher i have ever had.I thoroughly enjoyed his classes.He presented the subject in a way that it was easier to understand.He made every effort to clarify our doubts. I could personally approach him to get my doubts clarified and he always helped me with it.He constanly motivated every student to perform better and he also gave us tips to handle the exam pressure and perform to our best.
-Rohit Kaushik
IIT JEE, Physics

I must say, he is "THE MOST ENTERTAINING & KNOWLEDGEABLE" Physics professor I've ever met. He has an exceptional way of teaching where in he tries his best to make the class interesting & his subject enjoyable for the students.
My entire class XI was based on rote learning & didn't develop any interest in the science subject. I somehow prepared myself to face another like this. But, I was literally "blessed" to have met him in class XII. He was the who helped me find the ember in the ashes within me. He guided me throughout the year and it is because of him that Physics is my strongest subject at the moment. There was not a single doubt which he wasn't able to clear in the class. Every doubt was cleared in such a way that I'll never forget. A little bit of humour, facts, messages were used very often in clearing the doubts and teaching the concepts. This proved out to be very helpful. He even helped me with my mathematics several times. His class was the most entertaining and I could never realize when those 3 long hours passed, it just was way too interesting. He clearly encouraged students to do self studying & it was because of him that I was able to clear my backlog of entire Organic Chemistry myself. I thank him from the bottom of my heart & I consider myself blessed to have him play such a special part in this long journey of life!


Abhishek Sir taught us rotational mechanics. It is still clear in my mind and is my favourite topic in physics.

He is an amazing teacher. He teaches in a great flow and makes the concept clear. The questions he discusses help in clarifying the concepts further.

Studying at Delhi Technological University.

-Prachi Jaiswal
IIT JEE, Physics

Personally I would say that he is the one who made my interest in Physics, along with all basics and interesting things about any topic he used to teach us some shortcuts to score high in exams. In JEE exam too many of his logical tricks were useful enough to make me score much higher and made it to Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.

His way of teaching is really appreciable, dont know how but he always managed to get our attention on the subject. In the whole year we never get bored in his class. I personally enjoyed each and every topic he taught.

-Aakarsh Chauhan
IIT JEE, Physics

He is a great teacher with very good intellect. He interacts with students very well. He is very good at explaining concepts.

Currently studying at IIT Guwahati

-Ankit Vyas
IIT JEE, Physics

Sir is the kind of teacher who gives his all to a student personally, not just professionally. He helped me throughout my college counseling even after my course was over. His personality is of kind that gels instantly with the students and students love the way he uses technology during the lectures.

IIT JEE rank 8024

Student at Delhi Technology University

-Sahib Majithia
IIT JEE, Physics

I want to thank Abhishek Sir for whatever I am today or whatever I have achieved, all this would not have been possible without your constant support and guidance.

The way sir used to teach was so different and was very effective. It really helped me and his amazing new and short ways to solve problems increased my speed which really helped me during the exam. He focused on concepts and taught them in a way which was very easy for me to visualize, which finally made my concepts crystal clear.

IIT JEE Advanced AIR 83
JEE Main AIR 24
KVPY Scholar 2013-14
NTSE Scholar 2012-13
NSEP National Top 1%

Thank You Sir :)

-Aman Agrawal
IIT JEE, Physics

It was in the end of 10th class that I started learning Physics for from Abhishek Gupta sir for JEE Advanced, and believe me that was one of the best decisions I took for my preparations. He has so much crystal clarity in the all the concepts. Physics was my favourite subject & sir used to clear all my crazy doubts patiently, because of which my concept were very strong. The best part is his amazing problem solving ability (& his strong hold on mathematics). He cleared all the my doubts well with many different methods, some of which were so much useful in increasing speed in exams. He emphasized on all the chapters well. My syllabus was completed much before the exam and I had so many months left for thorough revision. In the revision time, he cleared all my weak points, taught me different other short ways (as well as jugadas :P ) for the exam. He is the only one taught me physics for more than 2 years and I am really thankful to him & my rank in JEE, KVPY & and all the exams I cleared are because of him. Thank You sir :)

JEE Advanced Rank 1460,
KVPY rank 44
Cleared NTSE

-Shikha Panwar
IIT JEE, Physics

my idol..

The person I am today is all because of him.
He has helped me improve my thinking ability and have made me a strong person.

-Rashi Garg
IIT JEE, Physics

I feel really LUCKY and Blessed to be his Student.

Sir Abhishek Gupta, at first sight unlike other IIT-JEE teacher seem to me as a very cool teacher. He was not strict but has his command on the class. I was the one who used to ask most doubts and he always entertained them happily, clearing them with relevant realistic examples. His understanding in Physics is on another level. I still remember that he never brought any module or book in class unlike other teachers. Still there was not even one question in whole year in which he was stuck. He provided me the pure knowledge of physics.

-Hashil Negi
IIT JEE, Physics

Abhishek Sir's ability to explain a topic by giving a simpler analogy was something that was immensely useful in understanding concepts. Also, his cheerful nature always encouraged a student to come upto him with doubts, which he cleared effortlessly.

KVPY Scholar rank-458
JEE MAIN 2015 rank-1653

Thank You Sir.

-Abhishek Govil
IIT JEE, Physics

He was very patient and took special effort in clearing the basic concepts. He was excellent in numericals and made much easier for to visualise the problems. Also, he gave advices on time management and for strategies for smart studying.

Thanks to him, I was able to crack IIT-JEE and he also helped me in other exams like KVPY.

-Vishad Viplav
IIT JEE, Physics

An excellent tutor is not just who teaches you, but one who walks with you throughout the journey. In my personal capacity, I had seen a perfect teacher in Abhishek Gupta, ranging from the clarity of concepts in Physics, to the ease of delivering them to the students. Along with this, his habit of going to any extent in order to help his students is remarkable. I have full faith in his capabilities, and would like to recommend him to students vouching out in search of a great Physics teacher.

I got admission to IIT Kanpur in Material Science and Engineering with a rank of 2863 primarily because of the excellent tutoring provided to me by Abhishek Gupta. My excellent marks in Physics were the main reason due to which I got selected. Along with this, the constant emotional support and motivation provided by him over the course of my stay at IIT Kanpur, helped me to change my branch to Mechanical Engineering, achieve excellent academic performance (ranked first in the department for B.Tech and first in the institute for M.Tech as a Dual Degree student). His contribution would always be indispensable in my life.

-Abhinav Gupta
IIT JEE, Physics

Revision Strategy for Physics - last few months to IIT JEE - 2016

It is examination time! Students of class XII are in a fix on how to manage board exams and engineering entrance exam preparation. Do not panic! Since there is a pressure of pre-boards, practical exams and then boards, I would suggest that students should concentrate on the XII class syllabus rather than revising things from XI class syllabus. R...

Rate (INR/hr):  750

Rate could vary upwards depending on exact student requirement ( e.g. if requirement is very specialised, or if requirement demands a lot of background preparation)

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To clear jee, there is no necessity of solving irodov OR Krotov. If you are clear with your concepts and are able to solve easier problems than you should also be able to solve difficult problems. Difficult problems often involve more than one concept, thats it. If you find your tuition classes more helpful than institute classes on weekends the...

At the moment you should concentrate on board exams and prepare your XII class syllabus in such a manner that you cover all the topics from point of view of JEE as well. And when board exams are over, during that time you can revise your XI class syllabus. So that your entire syllabus is revised before taking the actual JEE exam. Hope to solve y...

Do lots of practice and solve previous years papers of JEE MAINS and ADVANCED. ...

First of all you should stop your school tuitions. From your daily schedule I can see that you are not getting time for self study. You will not perform well if you do not do self study. You might be giving some time to self study but your schedule is then taking a toll on your health. When going to school then tuition and then coaching on weeke...

For theory, I would suggest H C Verma and NCERT, and for numericals H C Verma and previous years questions of JEE mains and advance should be sufficient for any one to clear JEE. ...

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