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Nisharg Golash   (On Spanedea since February 09, 2013)

Students' Choice, JEE Chemistry Tutor. Chemical Engineer & Researcher


BTech from Institute of Chemical Technology in Food Processing and Engineering, 2013

Tutoring Experience: 8 Years 8 Months

Total Hours Taught on Spanedea: 239 Hours

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About Nisharg Golash

I have been teaching for 6+ years now. Preparing students for IIT-JEE, AIEEE and BITSAT has been my passion, as I cleared IIT-JEE in 2008.

Many of my students from Gupta Tutorials in Indore are in various IIT's and NIT's. With me the most important factor is learning the CRUX of the subject or the topic, my aim is to teach you the concept so that problems can be tackled by you. Obviously few examples will be discussed with me during the class to explain you but each class will have some amount of homework.
Be regular and stick to your schedule is my Funda to do things perfectly.

I have recently published few International Research papers in the field of chemistry. I have worked with Chemical Consultancies like Newreka to assist them in a few projects in Pharmaceutical Industries. Currently working in NESTLE India Ltd.


To ensure students understand concept and then apply them to any problem in the best way to learn and teach.

Educational Qualification

BTech from Institute of Chemical Technology in Food Processing and Engineering, 2013


He was more like a elder brother than a mentor to me, his ability to break complex and advance concepts into smaller , easy-to-grasp techniques made his teaching sessions really productive and fun at the same time.
-Rishi Bubna
IIT JEE, Physics

Sir really teaches very well. He has a very good hold on concepts. He can teach any students and make them understand. Excellent teacher.
-Priya Agarwal

Awesome class! Able to understand very well.
Subject -

the class was very good and very useful for my preprations to jee advanced
Subject - IIT JEE

The teacher explained everything without getting frustrated and in a way i could understand it.
Subject - IIT JEE

Subject - IIT JEE

Nisharg's ScheduleTeacher Timezone: Asia/Kolkata

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00-06:0000:00-06:0000:00-06:0000:00-01:0000:00-01:0000:00-10:00 -

Rate (INR/hr):  1000

Rate could vary upwards depending on exact student requirement ( e.g. if requirement is very specialised, or if requirement demands a lot of background preparation)

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Dear Mr.Rajendra, Athrva can start with Trigonometry from S.L Loney. He can also use M.L.Khanna to start with coordinate geometry and quadratic equations. Please use the older versions for both the books, as he has a lot of time to improve his skills in maths. Best wishes, Nisharg G...

Dear Pritam, More than the books it your approach towards the book. If M.L.Khanna or other 5-6 books would have been the only way to get top rank in JEE Advanced many would have bought it and would have done each question from those books atleast 3 times. Each book is written by an author who has at least 5-7 years of experience. All books have sim...

Dear Pritam, Reading from notes for chemistry is good enough. But I am not about the video lectures, how beneficial they are and how good they are. So that you have to check your comfort level. You should not ideally skip NCERT for PCM, even when they are quite generic and on the basics. As while preparing for JEE most of the times students try to ...

Dear Pritam, Your choice for physics and mathematics are sufficient. What have you planned for chemistry? Also, self study is really good. But still you will need a tutor to solve your doubts at least once a week. Therefore, make such kinds of arrangements.Also, you will need regular quality check on how are you doing and will you be able to finish...

Dear Tejas, You can refer to Arihant publication books. They surely have more theory than M.L.Khanna. But my suggestion is to get the guidance of a personal tutor when it comes to theory. It will be more efficient and faster approach, as time is an essence for JEE preparations. Best wishes, Nisharg G...

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