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Akshay Jain   (On Spanedea since April 25, 2013)


12th from Prince institutes in Cbse, 2012, IIT JEE Air-533 from Bansal classes in PCM, 2012

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About Akshay Jain

I am a first year undergraduate at IIT Bombay pursuing Mechanical Engineering. I did my coaching for JEE from Bansal classes in Kota, Rajasthan. Maths has always been my favorite subject for me and I enjoy learning and teaching maths. I like traveling a lot and visiting new places. I also enjoy playing sports.

I have an AIR of 533 in the IIT JEE, 399 in AIEEE and 180 in ISAT.


My objective is to efficiently utilize my knowledge to assist students in clearing competitive exams and securing a good institution for further studies. I believe that I would be helpful to students as I was also passing through the same phase one year back and I know people of the same age group (like me) can be much more helpful than teachers because we will be able to communicate solutions in a better way.

Educational Qualification

12th from Prince institutes in Cbse, 2012

IIT JEE Air-533 from Bansal classes in PCM, 2012

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Rate (INR/hr):  1000

Rate could vary upwards depending on exact student requirement ( e.g. if requirement is very specialised, or if requirement demands a lot of background preparation)

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It is definitely possible. And 7-8 hours a day are sufficient if  you study sincerely. Actually it is more than sufficient. Since yous parents are  against joining any coaching Online or Offline, I wont force you to join one but make sure you cover up all the topics and are at the same level with your friends. I  would recommend y...

The key to cracking JEE is solving a lot of problems  without looking at the solution. But at the same time, you should not spend too much time on the same question during examination as it would not be worth it. You have to to be able to judge proborms which to attempt first and which not. This will only come though practising. Another thi...

Hello Adi I would advice you too analyse why you feel frustrated. Is it beacuse the way they teach in coaching classes or you are not able to understand or any other reason for that matter. Cracking JEE is no tough task if you are walking on the right path. Joining a coaching - Online or offline is always beneficial. In my first lecture at I...

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