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Shubhra Jand   (On Spanedea since May 09, 2013)

Verbal Trainer and Writer. MA and B.Ed Degree Holder


BA from Pune University in English, 2003, MA from Pune University in English, 2005 & 1 more

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About Shubhra Jand

As a person I am happy, enthusiastic, unorthodox, a bit of a health and fitness freak and also have a sense of humor. I love reading; my interests are like sky high and sea deep. I could read on Economics, History, Psychology, do maths riddles all day, Religion, Osho, Shakespeare, Poetry, Buddhism and it goes on and on. Deep down in my heart I am a big fan of people like Socrates, Aristotle, Leonardo de Vinci and Einstein. These people are my heroes of multi-dimensional learning and masters of multiple intelligence.

Which also answers the second part, as a teacher I am a story teller. One could also call me a connector. I love connecting things, I feel it helps students to associate and remember things.
I am very committed to my profession. This is what I have always wanted to be and do, so this career that I have chosen is out of choice and not out of convenience, which is normally thought of teachers.

I have taught students at all levels. I started with teaching school kids of 10th and 11th grade ICSE students. Did that for two years. Then joined the test-prep institute called IMS learning resources, where I deliver lectures for CAT, GMAT and GRE. During my CELTA course from the British Council I got a beautiful gift of connecting with people globally. Where we were 18 people all from different ethnicity and backgrounds and that experience changed my paradigm of a student teacher equation.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by quoting what Laurie Gray says "The best teachers become the best teachers by being their own best students."


To prepare a myriad of students across the globe for competitive exams that are stepping stones to higher education.

My students are my biggest teachers, their questions push me to seek answers and their doubts compel me to find new and creative ways of learning.

The kaleidoscopic variety that teaching offers makes me a better teacher every time I interact with a learner. The more I teach the more I learn. The more I learn the more I teach. It's my own 'paying it forward' it's my own 'undisputed happiness'.

Educational Qualification

BA from Pune University in English, 2003

MA from Pune University in English, 2005

B.Ed. from Mumbai University in Education, 2008


enthusistic and energetic teacher,
Subject - GRE Verbal Reasoning

Very useful content and the teacher is doing an excellent job
Subject - GRE

She used to ensure I understand the topic before she moves on to the next unit

Subject - GMAT Verbal

Assertive and providing direct feedback upon results during the class. Straight forward in approach and pleasant way of tutoring.
Subject - GMAT Verbal

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Rate (INR/hr):  800

Rate could vary upwards depending on exact student requirement ( e.g. if requirement is very specialised, or if requirement demands a lot of background preparation)

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Shubhra Jand

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