How it Works

1. Join the Spanedea Tutor Community
Create your profile. Showcase your qualifications, experience and testimonials from students. Importantly, upload a good photograph. Approval of your Spanedea profile will be based on quality and completeness.

2. Become Eligible to Start Tutoring
After profile approval, three demo classes may be organised with existing Spanedea students, for each of your tutoring subjects. Based on feedback on these demo classes, you will be eligible to start teaching.

3. Acquire Students
At Spanedea, tutors and students choose each other. Based on criteria given by a prospective student, eligible tutors are invited to take trial classes. Based on these trials, if both student and tutor say ‘yes’ - online tutoring program begins.

4. Conduct Live Class
To conduct your Live Classes, all you need is a desktop/laptop/tablet, broadband Internet connection, a headset (microphone-speakers combination), a digital pen tablet and a webcam. At the scheduled time, use your Spanedea dashboard to join class. After every class, write a summary of what was covered; this is shared with student/parent.

5. Manage Your Tutoring
Want to customise a program based on student's performance? Reschedule a class? Need to track syllabus completion for a student? Want to see your payment details? Just log on to your Spanedea Dashboard - it puts you in charge.