How is it easier to ace BITSAT than JEE Mains

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Posted on 16 February 2015

BITSAT is the entrance examination for BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, Dubai and Goa campuses where as JEE Main serves as a preliminary exam to enter IIT's and direct exam to enter prestigious institutions like NIT's.

This article explains how it is easier to ace BITSAT than JEE Main

  • Online platform: BITSAT is strictly an online Test whereas JEE Main can be taken optionally online. The number of students giving JEE Main offline is still very significant. So for the BITSAT, as many people do not practice online test, anyone with a decent practice of giving online exams gains a cutting edge very easily.

  • Level of questions: Since, the number of questions in BITSAT are more than JEE Main and the time provided is less, it is very obvious that the level of difficulty of problems is less as compared to JEE Main, so the paper of BITSAT is actually easier and one needs to solve quickly and efficiently in less time.

  • Margin for silly mistakes: Since the number of students competing for BITSAT is comparatively less than number of student for JEE Main and the maximum a student can score in BITSAT is more, the distribution of marks is wider. Therefore, it is obvious that in BITSAT you have a slightly bigger margin to accompany some silly mistakes. Again, we do not encourage you to do silly mistakes, but it just means that a silly mistake done in BITSAT will have less repercussions than one done in JEE Main where even one mark less or more can have a significant impact on your final rank.

  • Level of Competition: When you sit for JEE Main, you compete with the toppers of the nation whose prime aim is to get into IITs. Now the BITSAT is held after the JEE Main and very close to the JEE Advanced dates. Here, the competition is reduced to a considerable amount of extent as many students already become very sure about their JEE and do not prepare well for BITSAT, which reduces the competition. The ‘toppers’ would also be fully focussing on the JEE Advanced exam.

  • English & Aptitude Weightage: The BITSAT gives considerable weightage to your logical skills and language. The questions asked are very basic and require common understanding in day to day life. Scoring a full house here is easy and it acts like a bonus section for everyone. So, while maybe not for everyone, this section can give a certain section of students a very big advantage.

  • Flexibility of Dates: This is a convenience; depending upon whether you are prepared on not, you can choose the dates of BITSAT accordingly. This can give you an advantage if you use the last few weeks or days very well. Practicing few concepts or brush up some facts as you have some extra time.

Of course, to get into a top notch institute hardwork is a must, keeping in mind the above factors may help you with the acing the BITSAT.


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