How to crack state level engineering entrance exams

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Posted on 16 February 2015

Key to success in any entrance exam: Practice. Improve speed. Clear the concepts. Looking at the similarity in the syllabus and the pattern of all the state level engineering entrance exam, this generic strategy might be useful for students preparing for them. Most of them are conducted after the JEE. So you might have already prepared enough for the basics. For State entrance exams, basics is all you need.

a) While preparing for the JEE or other exams, keep making a cheat sheet of all the important formulae, points to remember, tricks and everything, you feel like revising a few days before exams.

b) Start with listing topics, subject wise. There are a few topics which are not in JEE syllabus, but in state entrance exams’ syllabus. Put those topics in a separate list.

c) Clear concepts for those new topics, and keep revising the topics you have already read or are good at. Make the cheat sheet for the new topics as well.

d) Make a study plan according to the number of days left for your state exam and try to cover all the topics listed above. You need not to go too deep into each topic, since the questions in the state exams aren’t as demanding as that in JEE.

e) Just make sure to visit every topic, especially those, in which you didn’t score well in other entrance exams.

f) Solve previous papers, look for a pattern. Identify the hot topics, and make sure, you are strong in those topics. If not, you know what to do: Practice.

g) Take timed tests: yes, it is as much important, as your concepts. You might be able to solve many questions, but what if you couldn’t solve them in time, or couldn’t do it because you were under pressure. After the test, go through the solutions and try to identify topics that need more attention.

h) Watch out for negative marking if there is any. You might actually lose more than gaining by random guessing. Make guess only if you are more than 75% sure. Most of those exams don’t have negative marking however. So, make sure to attempt all questions in that case (mark the one for which you are even 50% sure).

i) Remember, you will anyway go through this one. So, you have nothing to lose here. Just keep calm and answer the questions. All you will care about is to do maximum questions correct in the given time. And that will determine your rank, and the college later.

j) So, list topics, make a study plan, clear concepts, identify important topics, if possible, and revise all the topics at least once, timed practice tests. Watch out for negative marking. There you go!

The state exam which I appeared for was RPET (Rajasthan Pre-engineering Test) - 2011. I scored pretty well, and got state rank 12. Decent enough, huh? Want to know, what is the secret to this success? (Hint: I just told you!) I did exactly what I have mentioned above. Kept calm on the exam day and just answered the questions, because I had nothing to lose in this one.

All the best!


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