Important topics for revision in Chemistry - last few months to IIT JEE 2016!

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Posted on 29 January 2016

The season of exams is going to start soon and this has started building performance pressure on students who are preparing for IIT JEE.  The JEE Advanced, to get admissions into prestigious IITs and ISM Dhanbad, is one of the toughest examinations around!


In the whole selection process, Chemistry is one of pillar of this exam.  Students with sound knowledge of Chemistry can easily crack the paper and this can, push you towards a good rank.


In JEE mains, by analysing the previous year trends we can see that the weightage given to Physical Chemistry is more than the Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Numerical practice from chapters like solutions, solid state, electrochemistry and chemical kinetics will be easy and scoring and will provide an extra edge to you over others. Regarding Inorganic Chemistry, simply focus on chemical bonding and naming, isomerism and valence bond theory of Coordination compound. Student generally feel p, d and f block difficult. There is no need to worry from this portion and go through the NCERT exercise questions for these topics as that will be sufficient. For organic chemistry, make the list of name reactions given in NCERT as it is the soul of it and will help you a lot in the exam.


Coming to IIT JEE advance, Organic and Inorganic portion are dominating in this compared to Physical Chemistry. In the Inorganic Chemistry, salt analysis contributes lots of questions and must be crammed wisely. Except this the topics are more or less same as in IIT JEE Mains.


The most crucial factor is your exam temperament and test taking skills. Student should avoid seeing new questions now and should focus on solving previous year questions which will build confidence in them. They should learn to attempt paper in three rounds doing the easy questions first and then the difficult ones in 2nd and 3rd round. They should also bring the attitude of "let it go"  and should not waste their time if they are stuck on a question.


So dear students, be confident as you know many things by now and it's a game of your mental state than of your knowledge. Study well and perform well.


All the very best!


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